Catching Me (Being Edited)


*A Note From Rosie* I'm still unsure about this story, and therefore it maybe only go up once I've written about half of the story.

Anyways here's the prologue and I hope you will read it.

Leave comments, good or bad. Tell me about my mistakes because the only way I will get better.

Anyways here is the prologue.

Scarlett on the side



A Dream. What is a dream? It’s a mix of colors that flash and spin around in your mind as you sleep, late at night. Some fill you with joy and happiness; some leave you scared and forever alone; however, those are called nightmares. There are two types of dreams; the ones in your mind and the ones you want to achieve.

Two things can prevent us from achieving our dreams. The first is the belief that they are impossible, a thing of your imagination, and it’s always out of reach. The second is seeing them being made possible by the twist of the wheel of fortune when we least expect it. At that moment, all our fears rise to the surface because you no longer believe you have control over your own life. The fear of suddenly setting off along a road heading to god knows where. The fear that life is full of new challenges, new chapters and you do not know what’s hiding behind that corner. The corner you thought you knew so well as a child. The fear of losing all that is familiar. That fear of that crash and that burn, leading to the end of everything you ever knew.

    Just follow your heart because if you always trust your mind, you'll always act on logic and logic cannot lead you to happiness. The need for your friends, the need for your family, and the need for that one person who can make your life complete. Although, getting to the love is a lot harder to get than simply following the long twisting road of life. Also, without the logic, you do not know what is right and what is wrong, maybe creating a huge mess that you cannot control.     

Imagine having the one you love the most, right in front of you. You tell them you love them and they say it back. You begin to dream about growing up and getting married. What happens when they break you? Break you like you're a twig and you see them with someone else who isn't you. You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you've lost it, you can never get it back. You can try and try and try, but no matter how hard, they will always be out of reach.     

Two years ago, I gave my heart away and it got broken. It was like falling down; but that's all love is, you just end up getting hurt, scared, and left with the memory forever. When you fall into that place, you will do anything to get out of it, even if you get on the re-bound and end up not only hurting yourself, but also the boy who fell for you.    

 I'm still running from the pain I caused, the heartbreak. And only now it's catching up with me.

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Barbara Palvinas Scarlett Jenkins
Robert Famptonas Jace Davey
Robert Sheehanas Carter Griggs
Justin Sterlingas Jordan Davey
Dan R Woodas Nathan Rancic
Erica McPikeas Gracie Howards
Samuel Jonhsonas Kyle Davey
Colton Haynes as Tyler Jenkins
Tyson Paigeas Ashton Richardson
Dante Szafranskias Noah Harrison
Ryan Vigilantas Craig Dawson
Morgan Riestisas Ashley Penn

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