Chatper Twenty-Two

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HEY FANS!! Sorry it took so long, but I've been busier than I though.

*Now, I'm about ot ramble, so if you don't like it, get over it and just skip it.

Okay, so first, this semester is harder. Without these snow days, this chapter wouldn't be up yet.

I was also grounded because my best friend is a MORON. Okay, so some of you may know that I stay at my step brothers a lot. Well, I was staying with him for like a week straight and my mom wanted to see me. My mom's house is SO boring, but I came home anyways. I spent time with my mom, blah, blah, blah. It was like midnight when my friend Dylan texted me to come over to his house because a couple of our friends were there and yeah, they wanted to hang out. My mom was still awake, but I KNEW that she wouldn't let me go, therefore, I didn't bother asking. So me being the rebel I am; I snuck out of my house and went over to his house, which is VERY tricky when your parents are awake---I DON'T advise it. Dylan is a COMPLETE RAH-TARD! He put his status on facebook as "Kayla's coming over, (The F word) YEAH!" He's friends with my mom on facebook, because out parents are tight and stuff, so it's not like it's weird or anything. Yeah, my mom saw his status, caught me and grounded me. If you want to point fingers at somebody for not having this chapter up sooner---fingers go to Dylan... My middle finger totally gets a boner when I think of that boy...AHH!!

I was without my phone, car, computer, and friends, for a WEEK. The only time I could get on was when I told my mom I had to go over to my friends to work on a project and then I just ended up getting on her computer.

But yeah, so that's what life sucks. Lol.

Again, I'm really sorry and I'm going to work to get back into uploading regularly. (: I have a 4 day weekend and want to get a lot of work done. I'm mad at Dylan and I'm not talking to him.

Not talking to him is even worse than talking to him because he feels the need to send me the MOST random texts EVER. Make sure to read the "until next time, think about this:..." thing, it's from a text that he sent me at three in the morning!! Freak! OH and even though he KNEW I didn't have my phone, he STILL sent texts, so I have a BUNCH of random things to add to MY list of random things. It's crazy..he's crazy. Lol.

This chapter gives some hints about A LOT! Pay attention. Put your thinking-caps ON! See if you can piece together what's coming up. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT(:


Chapter Twenty-Two.

    It’s finally Monday. The day after what seemed like that longest weekend of my life. I haven’t even been at school for a minute and I already hate today. Nothing could ever top what happened last night between Noah and I. Though I feel kind of bad inside, I still don’t regret kissing him. It’s not like he made me kiss him, or lost a bet, we just…kissed, over and over...

    As I’m walking in the hallway, I see Hardy at his locker. “Hi, Hardy-Har-Har,” I smile at him as I walk past him.

    Hardy grabs a book out of his locker. “Hey, Em,” he chuckles at my greeting.

    It’s weird to think about how much I used to hate Hardy, just because he had the whole ‘player’ act down solid. Knowing that he’s not really like that, makes me like him even more. Before, I just put up with him because he was friends with Matt and if I ever wanted to get closer to Matt, his friends were apart of the package. Jared and Leon were always the worst though.

    I’m about five steps away from my first class when somebody pulls me into a janitors closet by my waist. By the touch of the person’s hands, I know that it’s Noah. The touch is too familiar to the first time when kissed for it to be anybody, but him. That’s why I’m not even the least bit shocked when he presses me up against the wall and gently crashes his lips into mine.