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For Better or worse


3:00pm Kenzie pov(warning: sex talk and spanking-dont like dont read!)

I wrote down the last three answers for the day. 'I'll do the rest tomorrow...' i thought. Mom called for lunchtime and i stood up, threw the pillow i was using to cushion my chair onto my bed and headed slowly headed down the hallway through the two staircases. I was tempted to slide down the rails out of sheer rebellion but decided against it since i was NOT wanting another punishment session. I rubbed my extremely sore butt and winced as i walked into the kitchen. Mom looked over and saw my 'can i talk to you for a sec' look and stepped aside. I started out with, "I'm sorry i was dishonest and ran away-i wont ever do that again and i'll do my best in school. Im really sorry." She reached out and gave me a hug. "Oh honey, its alright. I Felt the same way when i was your age- it can be hard. But remember, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy, McKenzie.Remember that and your sore butt when you think of doing anything like that again." "I will" She smiled and wrapped me in a tight hug again, pulled away and said, "Lets get hungry snackers some lunch!" I smiled and said, "I wont protest thats for sure, im as hungry as a bear!" She pulled out grilled cheese sandwiches and M and M cookies and my stomach growled. "How do you always know the best foods to make?" "Just comes with bein a mom i guess" "Must be". We smiled. My mom is totally the best mom in the entire friggin world.

3:30 Kenzie pov

I finished up my lunch and grabbed an extra cookie on my way back up. This is great! I realized since i was grounded my dad forgot to take away my laptop, ipad, ipod and iphone. I made my way across the hall and opened my door. Wheres my laptop? Ughhh. He did take them. I ran back downstairs. "Mom, can i use the phone?" "Unless its to call 911 then no." "Ok!" I grabbed a cordless, stuck it up my sleeve and ran into my room. I called my best friend Liz and explained to her my dilemma and what happened. Mom walked into my room and said, "Give. Now." "But mom its 911!" She shook her head. "Great well tell the 'operator' that you are grounded and give." "Operator, my mom said im grounded so i cant use the phone." Liz imitated a gruff deep voice- i gotta give her credit- she does a dang good impression of a deep voice! Mom paled and said, "GIVE ME THAT PHONE RIGHT NOW!!" I said, "but mom the operator is helping me air out my feelings!" "She snatched the phone from my hand and pressed end. I fell off my bed laughing hysterically and she yelled, "Why did you call the police??!" "Mom, that was NOT....*cough*the police. That was Liz...*strangled breath*doing a*sneeze*low voice impression." I said wheezing from laughing."Dont you ever scare me like that again and dont get on the phone- i dont care if it IS the police and the house is on fire!! got it?" "Naw" She flipped me around, dragged us both on the bed and held me face-down. "Dont be a *SMACK* smart-alec *SMACK* to me *SMACK* when i *SMACK* ask you *SMACK* a completely *SMACK* sensible *SMACK* question!!" My butt still burned like hell from the last one so i said "Yes ma'am" and she glared at me, walking out. She shut the door and i muttered "Bitch". Ugh she gets annoying sometimes.

Demi pov

I glared at her and walked out, shut the door behind me and heard her grumble "Bitch." I yanked open the door and yelled, "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!?!" She looked and said quietly, "You heard that?" "NO IM ASSUMING." I fumed and stomped into her closet, grabbing a thick pink leather belt and went to slam her door shut. She looked at me with her mouth dropping. "Get them down and bend over the bed." "Mom plea-" I cut her off with a 'dont even start' look and she pulled down her jeans and panties, laying over the bed. I adjusted her butt so it curved exactly where the mattress dropped off. I saw Joe had already done a dang good job so i decided to go easier on her-but that didnt let her off the hook in the slightest. I started at the top, going down to the top of her thighs. *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! *WHACK! She started to fiercely wiggle and squirm

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