Wanted by my ex werewolf boyfriend!


"I don't think this is going to work out, it's not you it's me." he said.

Ian my boyfriend of three years was breaking up with me for no reason. Well i think it's for no reason. "Cut me the it's not you it's me crap and tell me why i'm not good enough for you anymore!" i said. I could feel the tears threatening to spill over but i forced them back. We were standing at the edge of the forest that was near my hous at 6'o clock at night. My golden hair whipping in my face.

He hesitated for a moment and said "fine, you want to know the truth? I feel suffocated in this relationship and you're just not good enough for me. I need someone better," he said whispering the last part. I didn't know who this boy infront of was because this definately was'nt Ian. "Ian, please don't do this." i said as i felt a tear escape from my eye. I quickly wipped it away promising myself not to let him see me cry. "I'm sorry Rose, but this is for the best goodbye," he whispered and turned and walked into the woods.

I stood there for a minute shocked by what had just happened. It felt like i was having a dream. I snapped out of it and followed Ian. I felt like he was lieing to me and i wanted him to look me in the eye and tell me he didn't love me anymore. I looked around but he wasn't there anymore. I followed a trail but after an hour i knew i was lost. I walked through a bush and came to a clearing i couldn't see much since it was getting darker but i could see a figure crouched down on the floor with it's back to me. I slowly walked over my blue eyes adjusting slightly to the darkness.

I was now three feet away and i could see the figure was a boy probably seventeen like me. I looked over his shoulder and gasped at what i saw.

It looked like he was drinking the blood of an elk. I turned around to run but he was already infront of me blocking my way. I could see his face clearly now. He had to be the hottest guy on earth if it wasn't for the blood drinking i would totally turned on.

"Where do you think your going?" he said smiling maliciously at me. "Oh, no where just going for a walk but i think it's time for me to get home it's getting a bit drafty." i replied calmly shocking myself when i was clearly freaking out inside. He frowned but it turned to a smile and i could see two fangs poking out. "I'm going to enjoy you and you smell amazing by the way."

I started taking steps back but he matched them by taking steps forward. I tripped and fell cursing myself for being so clumsy at a time like this. He was already there catching me before i could say anything. I felt pain as his fangs sunk into my skin. I tried to scream but i felt myself grow weaker and weaker. Finally i became numb and i welcomed the darkness. The last word i said was "vampire" and i was engulfed by darkness...

Hey this is my first story so please be nice and don't worry she's not dead so i will upload when i get 5 votes.





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