Luke Brooks Imagine {1}

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Imagine you and Luke were dating. It has been about a month and you couldn't be happier. You eventually find some pictures of him kissing other girls that you thought were much prettier that you. At first you thought they were fans but then you thought again. Once you figured he was cheating on you with other girls, you grabbed you iphone and called him. He didn't answer his phone and you called at least 4 times. When he didn't pick up the 5th time you threw your phone to the end of your bed in frustration. He called you about 20 minutes later so you decided to pick up. He sounded worried like something has happened to you. You told him about the pictures and everything and he tried to explain to you that they were all just fans. You didn't believe him. He sounded like he was about to cry and he kept saying h that he would never hurt, that he loved you so much, and that he wants to be with you forever. You eventually broke down and you cried together over the phone for a moment. He told you he was coming over and you didn't mind. You just wanted to see him. Once he arrived he opened the door to your small apartment that you shared with your best friend but she was away on vacation. You were sitting on the couch and Luke saw you. He walked towards the couch and sat next to you. He looked like he was crying ever since the phone call. He cradled you in his arms as you started to cry. He was stroking your hair and telling you to calm down and that all the girls were just fans. After 13 minutes you calmed down. All you did was look up at Luke who looked like he felt sympathy for you. A ton of fans knew you guys were dating. He asked if you were ok but you just said no. He looked curious. You told him how you have been getting so much hate that you cant take it anymore. He told you he would do something about all the hate or at least try to. You looked up at him and he you two looked into each others eyes (sweetly not creepy). He started to lean in and so did you. After about 3 minutes of kissing he deepened the kiss. You guys ended up kissing for a good 10 minutes. Once you broke the kiss you said "I love you and I want to be with you forever". Embarrassed by what you said he said he felt the same way. You two ended up cuddling for the rest of the day and throughout the night. <3