This is your warning. I don't want to hear complaints, because I know some people get them. This chapter contains sexual content. If you don't want to read it, then skip this chapter and go to the next. I will not be taking it out, and I will not be creating a special resticited scenes thing. It is pointless, and it creates way to much hassel. So if you do not want to read this, then skip it.

Desire, Lust, Passion, And Pure Love

I officially loved Leslie. I couldn't put her status over Chloe's, because I knew in my heart Chloe was my best friend. But Leslie was definitely in the running for second now.

Leslie had come out on the porch while I was in a deep make-out session with Spencer, just starting to get into it. She had interrupted us, saying she was sent out to make sure I didn't fall in a ditch or get raped. Chloe's words, not hers.

When she first saw us, she raised her eyebrows in question. I quickly tried to mutter an excuse, but she just chuckled and shook her head, saying these exact words, "It's fine, Iris. I understand. Trust me, I understand. If you won't, I can go back inside and tell the girls you got sick and had to go home or something. And you can go with Spencer."

I had looked at Spencer with wide eyes, and he leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "Funny thing is, my parents are out of town right now. And both my brother and sister are at friends' houses."

I had got so excited; I literally started jumping up and down. I ran over, gave Leslie a big hug and told her thank you, promising to call her the next day with details. Then, I ran to Spencer's motorcycle, where he was already sitting and waiting for me.

"Iris," Spencer said, entering his room. I sat on his surprisingly comfortable white carpet, looking through his wide selection of DVD's. I was supposed to be picking out a movie to watch, even know I didn't exactly plan on watching much of it. Spencer just didn't exactly know that yet.

"Yeah?" I asked, looking up at him. He was smiling and looking lovingly down at me, and even time I saw him, my heart beat managed to increase and my head started to spin. How he could have that big of an effect on me, I still didn't know.

"Did you pick out the movie yet?" he asked, sitting down behind me.

"Not yet," I sighed. "I can't decide which movie would be the most boring."

"And why do you want to watch a boring movie?" he asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

"Because I don't plan on watching it," I said, looking at him and grinning.

He looked at me, shaking his head. "Let's try this," he said, picking out something I had never heard of. "Have you ever seen a horror movie?"

I looked at him with wide eyes, shaking my head. He grinned wickedly. "Good," he said. "Then were watching this."

"What if it scares me, though?" I asked, following him to his DVD player.

He looked at me and grinned, despite the love showing in his eyes. "Then you'll be hanging on to me," he said.

"Hmm," I said, wrapping my hand around his hips and pulling myself so we were touching. "Sounds intriguing. Or we could forget the movie all together and I hang onto you anyway?" I slipped my hands up his shirt, running my hands up and down his back. He moaned and I grinned.

"So what do you thi-" I didn't even get to finish, because he was already kissing me. He picked me up, gently laying me on his dark blue bedspread and putting himself on top, not breaking his kiss for a second. I deepened the kiss, wrapping my arms around husk neck and wrapping my legs around his waist tightly around his waist. For the first time I felt some stirring in his pants. It shocked me senseless, sending shockwaves through my body and knocking the breath completely away from me. I broke our kiss, gasping for air, as he trialed little kisses down my neck. I noticed then that someone how my arms had made their away from his neck, and I was now griping the sheets, trying to keep myself in control. But it wasn't working, and I found my arms making their way back to him and taking his white t-shirt off. He didn't protest, just in turn gently lifted my shirt off of me, throwing it in the floor. I felt myself moan, wanting more. Needing more. Craving more.