Chapter 14


            Jon hadn't let go of my hand since we hit the ground running. Surprisingly I kept up with his pace, but with an annoyed grunt I was swept into his arms and the scene went blurry. I whipped my head to the left and saw Will give a nod to Jon before, with Eve in his arms, splitting off and disappearing into the thick brush. Fear grasped my heart.

            "No! What are they doing?! We need to stick together!" I struggled in Jon's arms to go after Eve. Jon tightened his hold on me and placed a kiss to my temple.

            "Settle, Kitten. We will see them again. We're spreading our scent around so the guard will be confused. Our pack is coming, we just need to stay one step ahead until they get to us." I could hear the strain in his voice and felt his desperation through our bond. Suddenly we stopped in the middle of a clearing.

            "Why are we stopping? Jon?" The look in my mate's eye frightening me a little. He pressed a small kiss to my lips before waving Edris over and handed me to her. She was surprisingly strong for such a small thing.  I tried squirming out but she held on to me with the force of Jonathan minus the gentleness he possessed.

            "Get her out of here." Jon's alpha command chilled me, his tone turned my blood to ice.

            "No!" The wind swallowed my scream as Edris ran off, my eyes still locked with Jon's as Logan had all ready phased into his chocolate brown wolf with a streak of silver running down his back. The last thing I saw was ten lethal looking monsters attacking Logan and Jon. I pleaded with Edris to turn around and help them but she set her mouth and kept going. Soon I resorted to sobs as I covered my face. I felt us come to a stop as voices broke through my trance.

            "Luna? Luna, are you okay?!" I knew our pack was here and I slipped into my role. Snapping my head up I looked into the eyes of our warriors, many who still had cuts and bruises from the last battle.

            "Let go of me Edris." She dropped her hold, but I landed gracefully on my feet.

            "I'm not asking any of you to die for me, but I'm going back in there to get my mate. Anyone who tries to stop me with have to deal with an angry she-wolf." I turned around and headed back, a hand on me made a vicious growl slip out. Following the hand to its owner, I was surprised to find Stephan holding me back.

            "I'm sorry Luna, but the Alpha has made it crystal clear that we evacuate you back to the pack house until he arrives. I'm sorry." Anger heated my cheeks at the thought that my mate saw me as a helpless female. An alpha's order was an alpha's order though, and I knew if I went I would have to harm my entire pack to go. Jon was going to get a hiding when he came back.

            "Let go of me." At Stephan's hesitation I sighed, "I'm not going anywhere." He released me and I rubbed the area he held me, tired of being manhandled.

            "Why hasn't anyone gone in? Is there any sign of Will and Eve? How long have we been here? What-"

            "Luna, Luna calm down. We haven't gone in because the Alpha ordered us to wait here for you. Will and Eve are about five minutes away from us, cant you hear them? We have the pack doctor waiting for them. Speaking of which, let her take a look at you real fast. Jon would have my fur if he thought something happened to you in my care." I hadn't realized I was shaking, so I sat and allowed the doc to inject me with something that made me warm and calm.

            "Doctor! Over here!" Everyone sprang into action as Will and Eve busted through the trees. With a feral snarl Will hunched over Eve, only allowing the Doctor close enough to treat her. I stumbled over my own feet trying to get to her to see if she was all right. Once I was within five feet, Will snarled at me but I swatted the back of his head.