Death whispers


A/N Tammy is about to meet a ghost, this ghost will lead Tammy to an unmarked grave where she will uncover a secret.Tthis secret will bring Tammy face to face with a pedophile murderer who wants to kill Tammy for exposing his dirty crime to the world......


I hated it.

Our new house, I just hated it. My dad had gotten a promotion at work which had come along with a big fat check. The first thing he had done was to buy this miserable house, which I hate if you weren't paying attention the first two times I mentioned it. Our new house was still in the same small town we lived in, black creek. Just a few hours from the old one.

Mom said I should be happy because my room was going to be two times the size of the last one, but I just hated it. I wanted to go back to our old house where all my friends were and Mrs. Lauren, our next door neighbour was. She made these wonderful mince pies which I swear tastes like heaven. Every day after school I dropped by her house and she would give me a treat.

But now we had moved hours away from her to this creepy house and no more mince pies I thought painfully.

"Tammy baby please this isn't really as bad as you think ok." My mom begged. I sensed some irritation in her voice. She was probably getting tired of my whining.

The dead little girl in the window watched the three people who were carrying boxes into the house. The parents seemed excited, but the young girl, Tammy, was it? Seemed angry, she kept on sulking and whining. The little girl stared at Tammy, she had waited for five miserable years, and frankly she couldn't wait anymore. This Tammy girl would have to help her. They had to know what he had done to her.

An hour later

I had moved all my stuff to my new bedroom; it was indeed twice the size of my old bedroom. The walls were painted green, a color I did not like. I groaned unhappily. The room felt unwelcome and cold. I sighed and threw myself on the large bed in the middle. Everywhere boxes filled with my things were scattered about, I had no intention of unpacking because I had my fingers crossed, perhaps my dad would burst through those doors and say,

"Honey this was one big joke, we're going back to our old house."

I yawned, my eyes started to feel drowsy, my head ached a little. I sighed, rolled over and reached for the white sheets; I wrapped them around me like a cocoon. Time drifted away and became meaningless.

"Tammmieeee Tammmieeee." A voice sang somewhere in my dreamless sleep.

I groaned, the voice sounded like a bee buzzing in my ear. I wished it would go away, I wanted to sleep. My whole body was begging for more sleep.

"Tammmieeee Tammmieeee." The voice sang again.

"WHAT."  I growled, I was awake but my eyes were shut tight.

"Tammieeeeee." The voice continued to taunt me oblivious of my anger.

I groaned and rolled over; I rubbed my sleepy eyes because everything was fuzzy. I stared around in the room. No one except me and my unpacked boxes were in view. What the hell I wondered.

"Tammmieeee." The voice sang again.

I got up from the bed, suddenly feeling uneasy, goosebumps were crawling all over me and my stomach was churning. I looked around the room very nervous, no except me was in this room, so where was the voice coming from.

"Who's there?" I managed to say but my voice reeked with fear.

The voice didn't call out my name anymore; it just started to laugh hysterically. I knew the voice was coming from my room but where. I looked under the bed and checked the musty closet; I suspected someone was playing mind games with me. I doubted it was mom or dad because they knew I hated this house and I was sure the last thing they would do its try to scare me when I already wanted out.

"Tammieeeeee." The voice continued to sing.

My jaw dropped; there was no one in the room. What was happening was I going mad? The voice laughed again. My legs began to shake; my heart was throbbing too fast. I looked around the room panic stricken.

"DAD!"  I yelled and dashed out of my new creepy bedroom.

                          to be continued......................

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