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"Y/N i'm going to need you to stay after class! Your grades and behaviors are unacceptable in my class!" Your science teacher yelled. The class filled with a bunch of ooh's and aw's. You got evil looks from the schools in the classroom because they wish it was them. You don't see why, really. Okay! Okay! I'm lying! This teacher is hot! You only act up so i can get close with him, but it's not like you have a chance with him.

You huffed at Mr.Payne when he told you to back after class, but than again, you will be alone with him. Mr.Payne when on with the class, with more rude interruptions from you. This time, he's finally had it.

'Okay! Class is dismissed early!" You got up from the seat and try to sneak out of the class.

"Not you Y/N!" He yelled. You screeched a little and went back to your seat. The room cleared, expect for you and Mr.Payne, which you learned that is first name is Liam yesterday.

"Y/N, you need to cut the act. I know you're only doing it to get attention from me." He explained. Your face dropped, "Okay Mr.Payne, i'll stop, it won't ever happen again," you whispered. Liam felt bad for what he said , but decided to ignore it. "Can i leave now?" You asked. Liam nodded, but you only made it half way to the door because two happened around your waist. "Wait, i'm sorry." He whispered his arms around you made you feel uncomfortable so you unwrapped it. "No, you're right Mr.Payne. I need to start doing better in class." You turn to walk out of the class, but stopped and ask " Mr.Payne, can i have some extra correct work?" You asked. You turned around and saw him smirk, "I know exactly what you can do." Awkward, you thought. "And what would that be Mr.Payne?"

""Well, it's simply, 1) Strip slowly for me. 2) Let me fuck you so hard as much as i want to, and number 3) I want you to scream my name as much as you can." He explained. You thought for moment. You need the extra correct, he needed you, and you thought he was hot, plus you also wanted him inside you. "Yes, i'll do it." 

Liam didn't waste any time. He grabbed a hold of you and kissed you roughly. You moaned into the kiss. He slipped his tough on the bottom of your lip, asking for an entrance, you didn't want to upset him, so you accepted him. You and him fought for dominance, of course, he came out with the victory. He explored every inch of your mouth. You made a whimpering noise because he broke the kiss and went down to your neck, sucking, biting, and licking your sensitive skin. "Strip for me, slowly, " he mumbled and let go of you.  


I stripped slowly for him. I didn't want to go slow, but i didn't want to go too fast. I unbutton my shirt and jeans. I let my shirt fall off. I wanted to tease him so bad, but i didn't dare to. Who knew what would happen if i did would upset. I pulled my jeans down, letting my butt stick up in the air as i do so. I needed to pleasure him, but i really didn't know how to, but to act like a stupid slut. "Wait, let me do this part." He order. Liam unclasp my bra and took it off painfully slow. Than he played with the rims of my panties before taking it off. My cheeks flushed red because he's acknowledging my body. "No Y/N, you're beautiful." He gave me a reassuring peck on my lips and went on squeezing my breast. "Liam," i moaned. He played with my nipples for a few seconds and started sucking on my left one. He lightly bit them and moved to my right them. Giving it the same amount of attention as my left one. I jumped up and straddled him with my legs around his waist. He laid you down on his desk. "Y/N, you've been a very naughty girl. Looks like i need to teach you a lesson, and with that, i was turned on by him, you started leaking too. Liam kissed my inner thighs. He licked my tip. "Liam please," i whimpered." He smirked, "Beg for it, tell me what exactly you want me to do to you." Biting my lip, i swallowed my pride, "I want you to fuck me so hard and the only name i'll be saying by tomorrow is yours. I need you in me Liam, please." He position himself in me, "Now, babe, if i hurt you, tell me." He slowly enter me. I felt the tears coming out of my eyes. "Y/N, do you want me to stop?" I nodded, "No, Liam, i need you." Liam enter me and gave me time to adjust to him, than started to thrust into me. "Fuck! Yes!" I moaned. He pounded faster into me. Every moan that i made, he kept pounding faster and harder, which made my walls tighten up around him. "Hold it until i say 3." I bit my lip, "1....,2...., 3..... NOW!" My walls closed and screamed "LIAM!!!!!" He collapsed on me. After a few minutes i asked, "Do i get a passing grade now?" He smiled, "Only if you're up for round 2 at me place?" I smiled, "I'll be there!"

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