Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence~ Friends to the end. (A Joshifer Fanfic)


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Josh's P.O.V!

School pretty much sucks. Its boring the only good part is break, the time to not have teachers on your back. The teachers here are strict apart from the odd one, of course I enjoy time with Sam too. His been my best friend since 1st grade. His a complete flirt with girls, I can flirt at times I just don't like to much. Besides theres one girl I've had my eye on for awhile. But, I know alot of the others boys have. They would fight just to get to her. I cna't blame them, I don't think shes ever noticed me. I mean why would she. I'm a brown haired. That pretty much sums me up, others notice me pretty girls never beautiful girls. No. No girls like Jennifer Lawrence.

Just as I turn my head I see her walking up the steps with her heard of friends. Did I mention shes the most popular girl in school? Well yeah. She is. Just then Sam smacks me across my head.

''Dude you OK?'' He asks.

Just then I notice Jennifer smile at me. Oh my lord. 

''Cat got your tongue Josh?'' Sam asks.

''Shut up.'' 

''Dude you fell for her hard.''

''No I never.'' 

Just then I hear her laugh at something Taylor said. I find my self blushing at how much I love her laugh... Sams right, I have fell hard and fast for her. I find my palms sweating when she looks over at us again. Then shes making her way over to us. I suddenly turn away from her, I face Sam and see him wave at her. What the hell, does he actaully know her? 

''Hey Sam!'' Jenn says.

''Hey Jenn.'' Sam says hugging her. Oh my.

''party still on for Saturday?'' 

''Sure.'' He winks.

''Will your crew be coming?'' He adds.

''Yeah. They said your partys are the best.'' 

''They sure are.'' 

''I'll see you there then Sam.'' 

''Alright I'll text you later Jenn.'' 

''Ok cya.''

She walks off after smileing at me.

Just then she looks behind her should.

''Sam I'll get Annie to come!'' She yells.

''Shut up Jenn.'' Sam laughs back.

Jenn winks at him and she dissapears into the building.

''what the hell! How do you know her?'' I ask.

''I have other friends too Joshy.'' He chuckles.

''Yeah but, shes the most popular girl in school.''

''Fine. I know her through Annie.''

I roll my eyes and walk to my locker. Just then I bump into Taylor.''

'' I'm sorry.'' I stutter.

''Its fine Josh.''

''Wait? How do you know my name?'' God so stupid. I mentally slap myself.

''God Josh. Just because I hang around with Jenn it doesn't mean I only pay attention to her. And Jenn doesn't only pay attention she knows your name too. I mean you are in her class.'' She laughs.

''Yeah. I guess. I mean...Like...Um.. I never talk to Jenn or you so...I um thought you wouldn't know me.''

''I suppose I see your logic.'' 

''Cya later Josh.''

So stupid. I am just stupid.

I walk over to homeroom and sit in the middle. I then spot Jenn laughing with Alexander Ludwig. He hates being called Alexander so everyone calls him Zander. I then spot Issabelle kiss Zander. Jenn taps her on the shoulder and then hugs her. 

Woody then walks in as his moody self. Theres one thing I like about him. His Jenn's uncle.

''Jennifer sit down sweetheart.''

Jenn groans.

''Uncle Woody don't call me that.'' 

''Or what sweetheart?''

''Woody stop.'' 

''Or what?''

The class is now laughing.

''I'll tell Aunt Liz (Elizabeth)'' 

''Then I will bear hug you.''

''You wouldn't dare.''

Just then Woody walks up to her and hugs her.


This causes the class to erupt with laughter. 

Woody sits at his desk and chews an apple.

''So class hows your days going?'' 

I roll my eyes and sink lower into my chair.

''Now lets check out seating.'' 

''All of you are in the wrong seat.'' 

All of us groan. 

''OK. Not all of you.''

''Josh is at the back by the window. Issabelle in the middle table at the back. Zander next to issabelle. Annie next to Taylor.''

He takes a breath.

''Oh and sweetheart, Jenn your next to Josh.''

Jenn rolls her eyes and sits next to me, this can't be happening.

''You know Sam was right.'' She says to me.

''About what?'' I surprise myself by answering.

''You tend to let the cat catch your tounge.'' She chuckles.

Just then the bells goes and shes out of the room with Taylor. Maybe just maybe I have a chance, a chance to get to know her. And to just know her as miss popular.

Awww Josh is love struck. what you all think. Sorry its short its just a little starter! Next chapter coming soon! Please check out the pictures on the side. It would mean alot to me! Fan,vote and fav please! I would post video's of Josh and Jenn but youtube won't let me!

~Megan Ellie Taylor


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''Cat got your tongue?''


Jennifer Lawrenceas Jennifer Lawrence
Josh Hutchersonas Josh Hutcherson
Connor Hutchersonas Connor Hutcherson
MIchelle as Josh's Mom
Chrisas Josh's Dad
Woody Harrelsonas Jennifers Uncle
Elizabeth Banks as Jennifers Auntie
Ben Lawrenceas Jennifers Brother.
Blaine Lawrence as Jennifers Brother.
Sam Claflinas Josh's Best friend
Taylor Swiftas Jenn's best friend
??????as Jenn's Mom
??????as Jenn's Dad!
Isabelle Fuhrmanas Isabelle
Alexander Ludwigas Zander

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