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Tangled (Harry Styles Fanfiction)


Chapter 14

Jo’s POV

I woke up early and had my breakfast with Dad. He’s excited about the party. After we ate, I ask him to fit the tux that I picked for him.

I ordered a special tailored tuxedo for him to wear at the party. We have a family friend in Italy that usually makes our outfits for special occasions.

“Come out already Daddy. I want to see if it looks good.” I said while waiting outside his dresser in his room.

He comes out wearing a very neatly tailored grey tuxedo matching with a black tie. He looks so manly and powerful.

“Wow! You don’t look your age dad!” I squeal.

“You always pick the best clothes for me sweetheart. Thank you.” he said while checking himself in the mirror.

“You’re such a debonair!”

He fixes his tie and then shot me a look, “How about you? I thought you’ll have your shopping today.” He said.

“Oh yeah. I’ll be going with the guys today. Of course I have to be good looking too when you’re that handsome!” I answered cheekily.

“You’ll always be beautiful just like your Mom.” He said with a wide smile.

“Thanks Dad.” I answered. My phone rang and I quickly answered it.

“Hi lovely. We’re ready to go. I’ll fetch you in your room.” Harry said with excitement really heard in his voice.

“Hi to you too. Just meet me at the lobby. I’ll be there in a sec. See you.” I said and hung up and told my father that I’ll go already.

“Have a good time. You still have to tell me about that Harry.” My father said while smiling wide.

“See you later Dad. Love you.”

I saw Harry and the others waiting in the lobby and then I approach them.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting guys.” I apologized.

“It’s alright Jo. We’re not in a hurry anyways.” Eleanor said.

Harry approached me and kissed me in the cheeks.

“Oh Lovey dovies in the early morning.” Niall squealed.

We all laugh and then head straight to the limo. Harry grabbed my hand and kept holding it even though we’re inside the limo. All throughout the ride, Harry kept his hand in mine. I looked at him and I find him staring too. His green eyes always piercing through mine. Green to green... Our eyes locked for I don’t know long.

“If the two of you won’t stop staring to each other, there’s a high chance you’ll both melt.” Louis said loudly that made us broke our eye connection.

I suddenly blush as they laugh cheekily.

We arrived in the mall where there are many shops to pick from. The girls and I are so excited to pick our gowns.

Harry let go of my hand because Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle nudged me from him. We entered the shop that specializes in suits and dresses.

“I think we should first help the boys pick up their suits then we should buy our gown without them so it’s a surprise for Saturday.” Dani suggested.

“That’s a good idea.” Perrie added. And we all agreed.

“Hey guys, we’ll first pick your suits and then we have to go our separate ways for a moment while we pick our dresses. We want it to be a surprise.” Eleanor said.

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Chapter 14

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