Larry Stylinson Dirty -short- Imagine

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**Louis POV**

I have been out all night, and I really missed Harry. I headed our way back to our flat, happily, carrying some food.

I walked into the flat, seeing a very sexy, naked Harry on the couch. He smirked at me, got up and walked to the bedroom. Oh, so that's how it's gonna go tonight.

I set the food down on the table and quickly walked to the bedroom. I walked in, and couldn't find Harry anywhere!

"Harry! Where are you!?" I yelled.

"Hi, Louis!" He said, jumping at me and ripping my shirt off.

**Harry's POV**

I pushed Louis onto the bed, putting his hands above his head and tieing him to the headboard. I slid off his pants as far as I could, and started grinding against him. Soon, I just got tired of this, and couldn't help my feels. I fully slid off his pants, along with his boxer shorts.

I stuck my dick in his ass, hard, and fast. I shoved it in as far as I could.

"Ahh! Harry! Stop, it hurts! Ahh!" Louis screamed.

"Scream, Lou! Scream!" I yelled, and started thrusting in and out, fast and hard.

"Ahhhhh! Harry, it hurts!!" He cried.

I had to admint, I could have used lube or something, but I didn't.

"That's it, Lou! Keep screaming!" I yelled, and continued my thrusting, even faster.

"Harry! Please st- uhh. Oh my god. That feels good. Uhh!" He started moaning. The vibrations from his moaning were shooting through his body and coming to me.

"Uh! That's it, Lou!" I moaned.

After about half an hour of this, I stopped, I pulled out of him and rolled over underneath of him.

I untied his hands, and let him fall ontop of me. I started to kiss him. I started at his lips, kissing him roughly, and made it down his neck, leaving love bites here and there. He moaned and groaned every once in a while.

"Harry." He moaned.

"What?" I moaned into his neck.

"Best. Sex. Ever." He said and kissed me roughly.