Secret Existence (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

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Now, if I'm going to tell my story, you need to know the basics. Voldemort

was in his prime, the Order of the Pheonix was losing. The Wizarding World was

in turmoil. My parents were expecting a son. Imagine their surprise when they

had twins! My dear brother, Harry *rolls eyes* and me, Sky.

     It was risky enough to have one kid, and they had two, so to proect me,

they kept me a secret. Only Dumbledore and Uncle Sirius knew I existed. When

they learned Voldy was after my brother, I was sent to stay with my Uncle.  That

was  a serious risk! I love my Uncle, but he is definitely reckless.

     When my family died, Dumbledore assumed Voldy had killed me along with

them.  There was no evidence of me living; the Potter house was blown to bits!

When Sirius went after Pettigrew, he dropped me off at an all girls muggle

orphanage, lucky me!

     Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad for a muggle orphanage, not like orphan

Annie, anyway. He left me with a letter explaining that I was a witch, I was a

Potter, and I had a brother who was alive. He gave me a wizard photo, of me, my

brother, my parents, and him. It was so happy it made me sad. The final gift was

wizarding money, or as the orphanage director callled it, useless hunks of


     I knew a few things for certain. I was a witch, but couldn't tell a soul,

and I had a brother, but didn't know his name. Finally, I knew my last name was

Potter, but not that they were famous, or that I was famous.


Hope you like it! This is dedicated to @talongirl401. Love you! There its in writing. ;) The characters belong to J.K. Rowling, exept Sky and Orphan Anne. Orphan Anne is also not min, but I don't knpw who came up with her, but she is their character!

This was edited by @Redhot4ever. A huge thanks to her for editing!

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