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My dog is my boyfriend. What?

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It was cold. Goosebumps covered my bare arms and my breath turned to steam in front of me. I moved very slowly, not because I wanted to, but because it felt like I was half frozen.

My eyes opened, and I saw that I was in a blue room. Ice particles covered the walls, ceiling, and a small window I could see on the other side of the room.

I pulled myself upright on the metal trolley and rubbed my eyes. A door stood to my right and behind me was a giant, full-length mirror. It looked like one of those things they have in police movies. What are they called? One-way mirrors.

I was being watched.

Anger rushed through me. "Where's Tobi!" I yelled at the mirror. All I saw was myself.

I stared at the mirror, concentrating on seeing a shadow standing behind it. Nothing.

I dragged myself off the trolley and stood up. Pain shot through my left leg and I crumpled to the ground. My hands felt like they were stuck against the thin layer of ice coating the floor. I tugged them off, and to my horror, left behind a small chunk of skin. It felt like a really bad carpet burn, and I held it against my chest while biting my lip to stop myself from crying out.

I cast my eyes under the trolley and saw a series of shelves built into the legs. My heart stopped in my chest at the sight of what was lying on them.

Rows and rows of sharp knifes and pliers and any other sort of instrument you could think of that belonged in a horror movie.

Tears burned behind my eyes and I struggled to get a grip on myself. Breathe Mimi, breathe.

I sat in front of the trolley and pretended to close my eyes while leaning against it. Then I slowly twisted my right arm around and felt along the bottom shelf until I felt a jagged knife. That'll do. My hand wrapped around it and I slipped it down the waistband of my pants.




"Mimi? Mimi? Mimi!" The boy cried, tugging against the shackles restraining him to the back wall. He'd kept up this chant for two hours straight, and now his voice was paying the price. It was horse and quiet, only growing above a whisper when he shouted.

His wrists had a mixture of fresh and dried blood stuck on them from where he'd struggled against the cuffs. He was wearing a small lab coat as he'd changed just before the hit men had caught him and the girl.

Total bull. This boy can't change into anything. That teenager on the phone was just trying to scam some money off us and was getting rid of two people he didn't like along the way.

The hit men had gone back to his house after they'd caught them, which was actually only a block away, and had paid the kid a ridiculous amount of money. More than I get paid in a month.

They were all just kids though, and now they were going to use 'any means possible' to get information out of them. Scarred for life, that's what the boss had said. And they were only just sixteen.

Josh and Sam were going to gas the girl. It had a weird chemical in it, something I'd never heard of. How would I? I'm only the security guard. Had to step in and watch this kid 'cause one of the scientists was sick. But apparently this gas makes the person who breathes it relive their most terrifying moment. Traumatised twice. What kinda place do I work in?

They're torturing kids. Not letting either of them go until the boy changes into some type of dog. Psychotic. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only sane person in here.




I was sitting with my arms wrapped around my knees, pulling them to my chest. It was cold, very cold. I was shivering violently now. I didn't even know what they wanted.

A hissing sound made me jump. My eyes darted around the room, trying to find the source. Then I saw it. A bluish coloured steam sweeping into the room from one of the air vents. They were gassing me.

"No!" I screamed, struggling to get on my knees. I grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up to cover my mouth and nose.

It was covering the whole room now. I could smell it through the thin fabric of my white, long-sleeved top. To my surprise I didn't feel sleepy, or like my heart was about to stop. Just as alert as always.

I dropped the fabric from over my face. "It didn't work." I scoffed at the mirror, feeling strangely pleased with myself.

"Mimi-kins." A deep voice growled behind me. I spun around on the trolley, my mouth half open in horror.

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