My dog is my boyfriend. What?

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Tobi stopped outside Callum's letterbox and pulled me against his chest. I could feel his warm breath on my ear and a shiver ran down my spine.

"Am I forgiven?" He whispered.

I swallowed and nodded. "Yeah, sure."

"Does Callum forgive me?" His voice was deep and relaxing, I felt my eyes slowly closing.

"Mmmm." I leaned my head against his chest, breathing in his scent. My arms unconsciously wrapped around his waist.

Tobi lifted my head with one hand and leaned towards me.

A window slammed shut, making us both jump. My eyes darted over to the source of the noise and saw Callum's hurt expression seconds before he pulled a curtain shut.

Outside Callum's house... "We're outside Callum's house, for Pete's sake!" I growled, angry at myself for being so careless.

Tobi stepped back, looking guilty. "Am I not forgiven anymore?" He mumbled.

I sighed. "It wasn't your fault." Callum's house looked cold and foreboding, rising up in front of us. "Maybe we shouldn't go in today."

I grabbed Tobi's hand and dragged him down the street, not sure exactly where we were going.

A van turned the corner a few metres from us, practically skidding across the road. It sped past us at nearly a hundred miles an hour, and I stepped back from the curb, my heart beating unevenly.

"Man, that is so dangerous." I said my eyes wide.

Tobi stiffened beside me and whispered something inaudible.

"What?" I looked up at him, frowning.

The van squealed as the driver applied the brakes. Black tyre tracks swept along the grey asphalt. The back doors swung open and several men dressed in dark track-suits jumped out. To my horror, they reached back in the van and pulled out long, thin rifles. Then they started running towards us.

"Run!" Tobi yelled. He spun around and grabbed my hand.

"Oi! Stop!" The men called after us.

Adrenaline pumped though me, driving my legs against the pavement harder. Tobi let go of my hand and leapt forwards, changing into a dog in mid-air. His clothes landed in a heap on the ground behind us.

He picked up speed and gained ten metres on me. My eyes widened. He was leaving me?

A bang sounded behind us and I felt a sharp pang of pain hit my thigh.

My breath left my lungs in a hurry as I hit the ground. I lay there winded for a few seconds, unable to move. Tobi appeared by my shoulder and he whimpered.

I blinked, but before I could say anything, Tobi sank his fangs into my arm.

A scream escaped my lips when he tried to drag me away, succeeding in breaking whatever was in my leg in half.

I slumped on the ground as he let me go. My eyelids slid closed, overwhelmed by a strange sense of exhaustion that was flooding over my body.

No! My mind shrieked. Don't fall asleep!

Four more bangs shot through the air, making my ears ring.

Tobi's yelp was the last thing I heard before I was roughly pushed into a dark sleep.

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