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My WWE Life a John Cena story

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It is now a week before Christmas and I am 6 months pregnant.We have presents for everybody picked out and are exchanging them tomorrow.John and I are on our way to the doctor to find out the sex of the baby.

" I am so excited baby" John said

" Of course i am" i replied we just pulled up outside the doctors office

"good are you ready?"

I nodded and John came around to my side of the car and opened the door and helped me get out.I have a pretty big stomache now the kind you can just sit the bowl of food on and just eat it from there.We walked in and signed in John went to sit down while i had to go to the bathroom again for the tenth time today since it is only 11 am. I did my business and washed my hands and when i got out John and a nurse was standing there waiting on me.

"I see that your using the bathroom alot thats good" the nurse said

"yes but it can get quite annoying when you are on a plane" yes i am still traveling with John i have to stop next month and John still has to go which i am going to hate so i will spending time with John's mom during that time.

" yea i bet is in with the small bathrooms and having to slide by people" she laughed

We got to the room for the ultrasound she had me lay down and John sit in the chair beside me.

"Before i start do you want to know the sex of the baby?" she asked

Me and John looked at each other and the replied "Yes" at the same time

"Ok then Elizabeth please lift your shirt and we will get started"

I lifted my shirt and she took the gel that has been warmed and put some on my belly.She then took the wand and rubbed it along my belly.John took my hand while she checked the heart rate and the size.

"I can see what your baby is are you ready to know?" John and I both nodded our heads

"Congradulations you are having a baby boy"

"John you get your son baby" i said too him and noticed he was wiping his eyes

"I know and i am so happy" he then leaned down to my belly rubbed it and said "I love you baby boy can't wait to meet you"

I know it wasn't much but it broke my water works John hugged me until i calmed down.I looked up and notice the nurse was even wiping her eyes

" You two are just so sweet together i hope to have what you have one day" she said

"You will it just takes patience but you will have it one day" i told her

She printed off the pictures and put its a boy on the one where you could tell the sex of him and we left.We got in the car and drove back home of course i had to stop and use the bathroom two times before we got there.Once we arrived i went and sat on the couch since my feet are swollen.John went and got the baby names books and we worked on baby names until we both fell asleep

~~~~~~~~~~~1 week later~~~~~~~~Christmas day~~~~~~~

We are finishing off the desserts and making sure everything is ready before all of our family arrives.I am setting the tables and making sure all the presents are under the tree.John is cooking the finishes since he refused to let me.When we had the get together with our friends they all got me mostly stuff fot rlaxing in the tub which i appreciated alot and that got John clothes and gag gifts.While i was finishing up the door bell rang.

"I'll get it" I yelled to John he replied an ok

I opened the door and in came Carol and John Sr. followed my John's four brothers Dan,Matt, Steve,and Sean the guys all hugged me and rubbed my stomache.

"Babe who is it?" John yelled from the kitchen

"you already have him trained" Matt whispered I laughed and nodded

"The Cena family" i said it's easier than saying all of their names

The next thing i know John came in through the kitchen and tackled all his brothers and dad with a hug and kissed his mom on the cheek.

"Somebody is happy to see us" Dan said

"Of course i am i miss you guys" John replied

Him and his brothers along with his dad went back into the kitchen i guess to help John.Carol and I went and set down.

"So how are you and my grandbaby doing? she asked

"We are doing great the morning sickness has stopped just the swollen feet and being uncomfortable now but John helps the best he can" i replied

"I always knew he would make a great father.I also knew you two would make a cute couple i just didn't think it would happen cause of Liz."

"Yea but i was there for him like he had been there for me before so i guess with nothing holding us back we finally realized we were great for each other"

"I am glad you did i never really liked Liz but for John's sake i pretended."

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