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The Bachelor's Virgin Girl

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The Bachelor's Virgin Girl

P R O L O G U E:

All girls know me.

All girls would willing to die just to taste me.

All girls are interested about what I'm always doing on nights especially on PRIVATE NIGHTS.

All girls love my God-like figure. I'm a damn good hottie hunk. A Fvcker one. A devirginizer. A bachelor.

A Player on bed.

I'm not into relationship.

I don't know the noun 'LOVE'.

I hate mutual feelings towards someone.

I hate kisses.

I hate hugs.

I hate doing romantic scenes just to FVCK a girl.

No courting? No problem.

I'll just Fvck you if i want too.

Why? Cause i love to Fvck. I do love it.

So do you want to deal with a fvcking playboy?? Call me, and I'll shut your core. 

I am Jake Daniel Smith and here is my story. Let's say its unexpected but Ghad Deym it. I'm being a Fvcking Gay.

It all started with the word

"Who's that Girl?"

But one thing for sure!..





I'll gonna make her mine.

No matter what.

For now she'll be known as









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The Bachelor's Virgin Girl


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