One Bad Move



I have always been that girl in school who has the good looks and is always trying to impress people, just like in the movies. One thing that gets me on mad is when people talk about my family. Because one year me and my hole family ( dad, mom, sister and brother ) when out to go get a christmas tree for the 5 year, I was only seven. When me and my family were driving there was black ice on the road and my dad that was driving he dident see it so he drove on top of the black ice and sliped on it and we started spining right into the dich. When we where in the car the car fliped right over and smashed all of the windows. When O.N star came on it was two late my mom and my dad and my sister had both died there faces where purple and there lips where blue. When police, fire deptment and the ambulance came they rushed all of us to the hospatil and I knew if I prayed they wouldent come back to life. I knew I would have to live my life with shame.

8 Years Later

I have been living in foster care all of my life now and I have no clue where my brother is because he went to a diffent family, I think that my brother is sixteen now thought so I dont know if he lives by him self. I am now fifften now and I go to hight school acting like nothing hurts inside but I feel like I want to leave this world.

School Report Cards

When I went back to school we got our report cards back. I had bad feeling that I was going to do bad because I dident study for anything but I didnt think I was going to do that bad when I tock a look




I couldent look any more and asked my teacher if I could go to the washroom, she said yes so I grabed my coat and I ran home well my fake home as fast as I could I felt sick when I swog open the door of my house and I ran up to my room and started crieing. I thought to my self how am I going to tell my foster parents.

I Cant Take This Any Longer

I went to the washroom and grabed the razer and I stricked my risted nothing I did that four more time finally I slit my wrist and I started to shake and I fell to the ground. When this happend my foster mom came in the door and called my name no answer and she called my name agian no answer she got scared she ran up stairs and saw me laying on the ground with blood all over my wrist and the razor in my hand she called 911 and the paramedics came and they tock me to the hospital.

The Hospatil


When I was in the hospatil I lots so much blood that they thought that I was going to die. But when I was loseing lots of blood They put peoples blood that they donatied in me finally I stoped bleeding and I recovered and stayed at the Hospatil for 3 days then I was sent back to my foster home

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