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He's my Boss, He's mean and claim's he's my mate? I don't think so!


Woah, another update! So I know last chapter was short...and this chapter is short but next chapter will not be short. I just needed something to lead up to the next chapter.


Chapter Nine

Miracle's POV

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. "Blake," I whispered, "I...we just met." His eyes fell back to my lap. "I know...but it's more than like. I really like you Miracle. You don't understand how painful it is to be away from you, my heart hurts so much and I can't think straight. All I think about is you. I know we just met but this is different cause I'm a wolf."

Tears pierced my eyes. I never knew Blake could be so sweet, it was hard to concentrate or even take him seriously though with him being naked. I kept resisting the urge to look down at his thing. I hadn't seen a naked person before let alone a guys penis. I blushed thinking of it. Blake was big...really big.

I shook my head to clear my thought and ran my hands through Blake's hair to calm myself down. I felt his chest vibrate. "How's it said you wanted to tell me much is there to know?" I felt him smile knowing that I was a tad bit interested in what he wanted to tell me. "I'd rather tell you when I'm wearing clothes. How about we meet somewhere after work and talk?" He looked at me with hopeful eyes. The way his brown eyes sparkled made it hard to say no. I nodded my head, "Okay, we can meet at my house. You could come at dinner time, Tommy's bedtime is at 8 o'clock anyways so we can talk when he's asleep. How about that?" he nodded his head and I tried moving out of his grasp with no such luck. His arms tightened around me and he mumbled something incoherent into my shirt. I sighed and wrapped my arms around him.

"'re so confusing. You send me mixed signals all the time and yet, you say you like me." He didn't say anything back and I was glad. I was just speaking to myself out loud. After an hour Blake released me and lay a kiss to my lips. I flushed, I did not say that he could do that but it was sweet and short and I'm not going to lie I would have kissed him back if he hadn't pulled away. I looked at him questioningly, "Are you going to walk outside like that?"

He looked down almost as if he forgot that he had not been wearing any clothes and shook his head. "I totally forgot...could you go and get me some clothes?" I nodded, getting up and walking towards the door Blake wrapped his arms around me and held me close. "I'll wait for you forever." He whispered, his breath tickling my ear. I flushed, "W...where can I get more clothes?"

Blake began to rub his fingers on my skin between where my jeans and sweater met. I didn't think my face could turn any more red than it already had. "Gregory should have some." I nodded and unwrapped his arms from around me walking out the door.

Walking down the hallway I couldn't help but look at the people passing me by and wondering if they were werewolves too. I reached the door and pushed it open to some to a surprising sight.  Tommy had Carl along in his shenanigans and all three boys...well 2 were men were strewn across the floor cop cars spread in a circle and Carl yelled out, "We've got you surrounded!"

I cleared my throat and everyone looked up surprised. "Mommy!" Tommy shouted running over and jumping into my arms. I squeezed his little body closer to mine and smiled at him, setting him back down so he could go back and play with the two guys.

"Um...Gregory, can I get a pair of clothes for Blake." Gregory nodded looking at me questioningly but went and got a pair of clothes. "So he told you then." Carl asked, still strewn across the floor dragging a police car around his floor. "Well kind of, he's going to be telling me the rest later on." Carl kept his gaze locked with mine for a few more seconds before nodding and going back to playing with cars.

Gregory came back and handed me the clothes. Tommy was too busy playing to even notice that I was about to leave, it kind of made me sad that he forgot about me. I gave him a kiss on his head and told him I'd be back when he was done playing.  He nodded his head at me and I left.

 I knocked on Blake's office door, I felt the door open and a hand shot out, grabbing my wrist, and dragging me into the office. The door instantly closed and I was slammed against it. I hissed in discomfort and looked into the brown eyes of Blake.

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Chapter Nine

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