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Tame My Heart... Or Else


My Little Introduction: :)

I admit, this isn't the first story I have written, but it is the first one I have ever posted for people to read. I got a lot of inspiration from people's stories around the site, and it really encouraged me to start writing. So thanks for that :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy :D

Please comment, vote, fan - if you like it of course! Also, constructive criticism is welcomed, as I feel I really need to improve! Merci <3


Liza P.O.V.

Monday morning. Start of a new school year. This can't be one my top ten days.

I sighed, and slowly pushed off my covers, exposing myself to the cold morning air. I shivered, hoping that it would warm up later today. I hated the cold more than anything.

Hopping out of bed, and slipping on my huge frog slippers, I made my way over the window. I flung open my curtains, letting sunlight stream into the room. Looking up, out of the window, I could see a clear blue sky, and smiled. Maybe this day wasn't going to be as bad as I thought.

Suddenly in a good mood, I twirled over to my bedroom door, knocking a book of my desk. I looked down at it, wondering if it would be worth the effort to pick it off of the floor. Desciding not to risk ruining my mood, I skipped out of the room. I was sadly very prone to mood swings, though I tried to hide it most of the time. Actually, I rarely let any of my emotions show outside of my home, my safe haven.

I jumped up on the stair rail, and slid down. At the end I flew off, and didn't notice a figure rounding the kitchen door. Colliding together, we both fell down heavily into a heap. Realizing who it was, my mood took a small dip downwards.

"Liza!" my victim screeched. Throwing me off her onto the floor, my sister stood up and brushed herself off with a huff. She looked down at me with disdain, and then obviously deciding that it wasn't worth it, she stomped back up the stairs. On her way, she muttered something about 'hair' and 'do all again'.

I got up, dusting myself off, and continued into the kitchen. My mom looked up from the stove and raised her eyebrows at me.

"Marie." I told her simply, and she sighed sympathetically. I sat down at the small wooden table in the corner of the room. Sniffing regretfully at the smells of bacon frying, I threw a bowl of cereal together and went upstairs to get ready. The clock told me I that I only had twenty more minutes to get ready if I wanted to be on time.

Thankfully, my mood hadn't gone down too much, and I was still bouncing as I got into my room. I scooped up a mouthful of cereal, then put it aside as opened my closet.

Last year, I never put much effort into what I wore. It wasn't that I didn't like looking nice, it was because I didn't want people to notice me. I enjoyed staying in the back of classrooms, on the corners of the fields, in the shadows of the hallways. Before you get the wrong impression, I wasn't a loner, or would ever want to be one.

It was just that the 'boys' in my school paid less attention to me, and that was the way I liked it. I didn't WANT a boyfriend, and I didn't NEED one either. I will never admit it, but boys scare me. All they want is what is underneath your clothes, and it shocked me to see my friends throwing themselves at them. I couldn't understand why you would ever want that to happen! In my mind, they were worthless - they had no place in my life.

So, I would usually wear hoodies and jeans, trying to cover up as much skin as possible. And with the girls in my school that strutted around in a mini everything, they wasted no time on me.

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