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Field Study 2


Field Study 2

Balsik Elementary School

(Cooperating School)




(Resource Teacher)




(Field Study Teacher)




Table of Contents


I.      Student’s Resume

II.    Views on Field Study

III.  Statement of the Purpose of the Field Study II

Tell something about…..

   Episode I. Principles of Teaching and Learning

   Episode II.Participation of the Learners Regarding      Teaching Learning Process

   Episode III. Assisting a Teacher’s Toolbox

IV.    Organization of the Portfolio

A.Title of each Episode

B.Entries of Evidences

1.List of Methods and Strategies

2.Matrix of Activities

3.Lesson Plan

·       Importance of Lesson Plan

4.Instructional Materials Used by the Teacher

C.Reflection on Each Episode

D. Additional Entries

·       Clippings

·       Letter of the Pupils

V.      Personal Reflection on the Portfolio

VI.    Comments of the Resource Teacher

VII.  Rubrics

VIII.Self Rating Competency Checklist



     Field Study 1-6 aims to align teacher education with the CHED prescribed new teacher curriculum that is reflexive of the National Competency-Based Teacher standard. The activities experiences on the Field Study are intended not only for drill and evaluate purposes but also purposes of bridging the gap between theory and practice and advocacy for current trends in education such as reflexive education, multiple intelligence; and multicultural education, interactive and brain based teaching and authentic assessment.

     Field Study is a component of the new pre-service teacher education curriculum that aims to expose of to student to actual field experience so that they can relate the theories learned inside the classroom with those experience. These off classroom experience would emphasize the importance of understanding the complex work of the teacher in the era of globalization.







a.Students are encouraged to give meaning to the nature and context educational changes that have impact on teacher education.

b.Pre-service student bring teacher education the experiences and belief that may influence the teaching and learning.

c.Students acquire knowledge and understanding in the process of learning to teach how they are acquired.


     The Field Study should used the OAR approach to represent the general cycle pattern of the task that pre-service teachers are expected to do in the different learning episodes OAR represent as:

vO-Observation makes the pre-service, teachers more keenly aware and sensitive to the learner and learning environment. Orchestrating plans that create outputs uniquely their own taps problem solving skills and creatively.

vA-Analyzing what you observe and do trains pre-service teachers to become a critical thinker.

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