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Deep Down In My Heart

Dedicated to
Anna Sykes

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Dina's POV  
It was about 7 am when I woke up. 'Oh, this is going to be a long day', I instantly thought. Because lately, all of my days were exactly the same. Waking up, morning routine, cleaning the house, checking e-mails, playing games, a little bit of dancing and workout, reading some e-books, evening routine and sleeping again. I was depressed. It's been like this for a while now. Ever since I've broke up with my boyfriend. And now, when I was alone, I was lost. I forgot how it was to be completely on my own, I got used to him being around. I didn't know how to start over, or where. I wasn't even sure I was prepared to be alone again, but I had to. I was confused and needed some time to think things through. After doing my morning routine, I've turned on my PC. I went to my e-mail page to check it out. Usually, there was nothing new, just some offers and notifications. But, this time, there was an e-mail from my cousin Melanie. Melanie invited me to come visit her in England. I couldn't believe it! I was so happy, I almost started to jump around my room. Melanie was currently in Australia, but she'll come to England next month and she needs my help with her show. She is a producer, director, actor and singer. And those are the things I'm interested in, too. I guess it runs in the family. I was thrilled I will finally have a job that I'm interested in. I smiled at my thoughts. Melanie said I could bring Alexandra and Zoya too, if they are free. Alexandra is my younger sister, and Zoya is my best friend, since forever. Well, at least it seemed like I knew her forever. Melanie said that she'll need me to stay for a few months with her, if we can stay that long. I said I'll get back to her soon, when I talk to Alex and Zoya. I called Alex and told her I talked to Melanie, and that she invited us to England. Alex said she won't go, because she already promised mom and dad she'll go with them on a cruise. When I called Zoya, it was 10 am, she answered and I've told her the news. She screamed happily in the phone, making me move my phone away from my ear. Then I've smiled and said: "Are you done screaming?". She blew a deep breath and said: "Yes. Continue.". Then I said: "Well, Melanie said we'll be staying for a few months with her, if we can. Since we're unemployed and all. She told me to ask you and Alex if you'd want to...", she stopped me from talking and said: "Of course I want to go! When are we going? Is Alex going?", she said breathlessly. I said: "We have to get our documents ready first, and book a flight. I'd say, in about a month. Alex isn't going, she's going away with our mom and dad on a cruise. I'm going to let Melanie know we'll come to England. Talk to you later.". I've SMS-ed Melanie: "Zoya said 'Ok', but Alex can't go. We'll come next month. Talk over Facebook. Wait for you there.". Melanie came on Facebook a few minutes later. We talked about what documents Zoya and I are going to need for the trip. Melanie had to go soon, so we finished our chat. Later that day I met Zoya. Zoya is a very pretty girl, and everyone was saying she should be a supermodel. She has a blond hair, just over her shoulders, beautiful brown eyes and tan white as Snowhite. I adored her like she was my sister. I've told Zoya what documents she'll need, so we could go tomorrow and start making them. Procedure took from about 15 days up to a whole month to get the passports done so we had to hurry, since we were on a tight schedule. The next day we went to the center and headed to the photo-studio to get our photos done for the passport. The next three weeks passed in a hurry. We've got our suitcases ready. Today we were scheduled to go to pick up our passports. The next few days we spent checking if we took everything we needed for our few months long trip. We've booked a flight for two days from now. Zoya was excited more and more by each day. I was happy too. Couldn't wait for us to arrive to England and meet Melanie. And that day has finally come. We went to the airport, and got to our check point. We passed it, leaving our luggage on the treadmill. I have traveled with the plane before, but Zoya didn't. So she was kinda freaking out. Her freaking out was hilarious. She was switching from one emotion to another. One moment she was excited about it, the next she was scared, and the next happy again. "OMG, this is going to be my first flight!! I'm scared, what if...", she started. I interrupted her 'panic attack', as I like to call it: "Nothing is going to happen, don't worry.", I smiled to her reassuringly. She smiled back. I continued: "You'll feel like you're riding in a train, you'll see. The first time I traveled, I loved it!! And just wanted to fly over and over again.". Zoya sighed with a smile, she believed me. I continued: "You'll love it, I'm sure. When you see all the houses, roads, people, everything - from birds perspective, you'll wish you have wings of your own.". We both laughed at my statement. As I finished talking, we were already inside of the plane. Getting into our seats. I've said to Zoya: "Fasten your seat belt. Here, hold my hand and don't worry.", we smiled to each other as I reached with my hand to hers. Then the captain spoke on the microphone, greeting us and informing about all kind of things. And a few minutes later the plane took off, up in the air. Zoya looked out through the window and her jaw dropped wide open at the beautiful sight that appeared as we got higher. Her eyes sparkled with a surprise and thrill that she felt. I smiled to her expression and said: "You see?". Zoya didn't even bother to look back at me, she just nodded 'Yes' with an amazed look on her face. I smiled and settled comfortably in my seat, turning my tablet 'On', to a plane mode, so I could read an e-book. Later, when the plane landed, I've said to Zoya: "That wasn't so scary, wasn't it?". Zoya looked at me and said: "It was amazing!! Have you seen all those houses and roads? They've became so small when we went up!! Oh, and the mountains... I never thought I'll ever see the top of a mountain from birds perspective!!", she paused for a few seconds, and then she continued: "And the clouds! We were inside of a cloud! And so close to the Sun... Ooh, let's just turn back now and do it all over again!". I've laughed at her, nodding my head: "I've told you you'd want to do it again.". We both smiled and went to pick up our luggage. We picked up our luggage after about 15 minutes waiting in line. We headed to the exit, and I've noticed a familiar face. It was Melanie. Waiting for us at the terminal. As we came closer to her, we hugged and I've introduced Melanie and Zoya: "Melanie, this is my best friend Zoya Sheridan. Zoya, this is my cousin Melanie Epps.", they shaked their hands. They didn't know each other personally, but they knew for each other. We went out to the parking lot, tugging our luggage behind us. We were all so happy to finally be together, here, in England.  
I'm writing really short chapters, one or two pages long. So there will be a lot of the chapters...  
Don't get scared by the amount. :)  

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Chapter 1 - Pic of Zoya


Britney Spearsas Dina Reed
Katherine Heiglas Zoya Sheridan
Emily Bluntas Melanie Epps
Jensen Acklesas James Miller
Mark-Paul Gosselaaras Jake Parker
Ellen Pompeoas Jenny Roberts
Chris Evansas Daniel Miller
Zac Efronas Mark Smith
Matt Lanteras Ryan Campbell
Jennifer Ellisonas Alexandra Reed

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