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Prince with benefits

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Do it.

Ask her.

You have every right to know.


I watched my mother out of the corner of my eye as I spread some butter over the English muffin she put on my plate a few minutes ago. We were having breakfast and although we had been courteous with one another, we hadn't talked much. She had been kind enough to get some coffee from Anya, I presume, so the strong smell of coffee had woke me up.

I wanted to ask her why she had left. I was trying to let the words burst out of my mouth without sounding harsh or angry. She had been more than considerate to me. She didn't even ask about Scott, even though I think she had a pretty good idea who he was. She did look at the flashy Ferrari that had dropped me off.

Still, I had no idea how to address the matter...


Just do it already!


"Yes honey?" I could only see her back as she was still taking some bread out of the toaster, but her voice seemed happy enough...

"Can I ask you something?"

"You can ask me anything, Emily" she turned to look at me smiling.


My stomach clenched. I knew this subject wasn't going to be easy for either of us. It was the big white elephant on the room. That's why we needed to talk about it.

To let it go...

In barely a whisper, I asked her "why did you leave?" I didn't look at her. I was still glancing intently at my now cold breakfast; my hand was still moving on its own accord.

Her body tensed at my words. I didn't need to see her to sense that now the tension could have been cut with a knife. It was such a sudden change in the environment that it couldn't go without notice.

She turned to look at me. Warily, she asked "what did your father tell you?"

That's the thing.

He didn't tell me anything.

He just stayed in his office and took more work. More than he had ever handled. He copped that way. He withdrew from everything and everyone for over a month. When he started seeing Anna, he came back. He was himself again. I'll always be grateful with her for that. Losing one parent was hard; I didn't want to lose the other...

Shrugging, I left the knife with some butter in it on the side. "He never told me anything, Mom..." I glanced at her and noticed that her eyes brimmed with tears. She took one slow step at a time, until she came across from me, and took a seat.

I felt bad for asking, but I really needed to know...

After a few minutes of uncomfortable and awkward silence, Mom managed to calm her heavy breaths. She looked at me for a long minute before saying, "he cheated on me."

My stomach clenched in a really bad way.

My heart plummeted inside my cage and my breath came out ragged.


"I found him"

I frowned and looked at my bread as my hands clenched in fists under the table.

"I went to his office earlier than what we had planned. I wanted to surprise him" she smiled sadly as she fidgeted with the beige tablecloth beneath us, "I found him having sex with-"she eyed me warily, "Anna."

My eyes widened. This was shocking...


How could that be possible?!

It was pretty much the same thing that happened to me...but with her daughter, Sonya...

Mom continued to talk now looking absentmindedly, as if she was pretty much reliving the whole thing, "I was distraught, Emily...I had to leave immediately, and I felt used and broken and betrayed and so sad..."

My stomach clenched at her words, because that's exactly the same way that I feel...

"So I came here. To this same house. And if it wasn't for Anya, I don't think that I could have gone through it. She helped me in everything. I was really depressed, I didn't want to wake up, I didn't want to eat and I had no idea what day it was" Her emerald teary eyes glanced at me, "I-I forgot your birthday, Emily...and that day it hit me...I had left you, my sweet caring daughter. I was drowned in my own misery and I forgot about the most important thing that your father gave, Emily..."

Her teary eyes let me know how sad and guilty she felt. Her hand searched for my own, "I'm so sorry, Emily, you have no idea how I've felt for you. There's not one day that I regret my actions. I should have told you. We could have figured it out together..." Her voice cracked in pretty much all her words. She was trying to contain her sobs, but even I could see that she was at the point of no return.

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Jessica Szohras Emily
Ed Westwickas Sam
Kim Kardashianas Sonya
Gerard Butleras Sean
Kelly Prestonas Em's mom :)
Justin Timberlakeas Hugh

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