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Maddy's P.O.V.


I frowned at the calendar. Sunday passed by too quickly. I swear. Recalling what I did yesterday, I frowned yet again. Nothing much happened yesterday-- just like my Saturday. I tried to call my friends to come out and have some shopping in the mall but most of them were out on trips, if not then they were taking care of their siblings.

My eyes drifted to my light pink window curtains. The sun's rays entered the room which were shining on to my face as if the sun was telling me to get up. Realizing I had school today, I soon gave in and lazily prepared myself for school but soon then I was wide awake. My hair had on the usual curled ends with my signature clips on the auburn hair. If Alicia had her signature necklace, then I have my signature clip. I just somehow saw it randomly on my table and wore it everyday now.

"Christine." I flinched when I heard my first name. The female voice was cold. Almost filled with fury. I turned to a model-like structure behind me. She looked alot like me, the only difference was that she had wrinkles. Yes. My mom.

"Yes, mom?" The words escaped my mouth through my clenched teeth. My mom was glaring at me. The way she looked at me stung, it really did. I guess she was still "upset" about the report card I had shown her a week before.

"You better fix up your grades," She started walking away. "Or I will make you quit cheerleading."

My mom despised cheerleaders. I remembered my dad explaining about how my mom was bullied before by them.

I have to ...


We were there sitting down on the lunch tables. Laughter filled the cafeteria as one of the jocks broadcasted a joke. A corny one. I gave them one of my fake giggle. Many joined me. "And she was like 'really now' and I was like 'ya ya I'm serious'. She was gonna slap me. I took her hand and made her close her eyes and drew on her face. Who knew she thought it was my hands." a jock told us. We laughed remembering how Jessy came in with 'air head' in her forehead.

"Mind if he sits here?" I heard Daves ask. Turning my head, Rich was right beside him. He looked as attractive as before. The way his midnight black hair is messed up but still looked attractive. Everything about him. Black seemed to fit him. Just then, he smirked down at me. "Maddy." He said his voice sounding as husky as ever.

"We don't." I smiled up at Daves. The other girls wouldn't say a single word because they were "disctracted" by Rich.

Then suddenly, a figure stood beside me. I looked up to see--

"Omg, Maddy! My dad bought me a new car! Wanna hitch a ride?" Molly asked.

I just stared into her eyes blankly.

" Hey Maddy, hey can you hear me?" Molly looked at me annoyed.

"Oh, sorry I seem to not understand a thing you say." I gave her a fake smile.

"I really need a manicure." she looked at her nails purely with vain.

She was about to seat when Ashley stood up and banged her hand on the table. "Molly, get out. You can't sit here." Ashley seemed so angry. "Ashley what the fuck. I have more right to sit here than you. I'm Maddy's best friend. You're just a girl who uses her to get famous." Molly flipped her hair about five times while saying this.

"Ya, you're her EX best friend? You think she'll forgive you after what you just did? No." Ashley pointed to Molly.

"Huh? After what?"

"After pushing her in the water and claiming yourself INNOCENT."

"Huh?" Molly said batting her eyelashes.

"Shut up Molly!" I really had enough of this.

"What's Molly doin here?" Alicia looked angrily curious as she appeared.

"I have no idea why you're even in this table." I gave Molly a glare

"Maddy, what are you saying?" Molly seemed to know what I mean.

"Go away."

"Ha! This ain't possible. Your joking right?" Molly laughed as if this was a joke.

"Listen Molly, you can't just--" Ashley shrugged.

"Just forget about it, guys. Don't make this a big deal." Reena butted in. She seemed more quiet ever since I took her place from her.



Math class started.

I sat down on my usual seat. Y'know, the one in the center most of the whole classroom where I could clearly see the teacher.

"Maddy. Yo. Sorry for what happened this morning." Daves looked at me apoligetically.

My face scrunched. "Daves, you did nothing! Why'd you be sorry?" I gave him a chuckle.

He looked struggled finding the right words. And then he spoke. "I don't know. I just-- Nevermind!"

Wait what.

"C'monn tell me!" I did a pout and folded my arms.

Just then, I can't help but notice Rich come up from behind Molly.

He noticed me looking at him and so he gave me a smile. I replied back with a bigger smile.

I kinda forgot about me and Daves' conversation and drifted off to my own world.

"Students. I introduce you to Mr. Hayes. He's from a different class but he'll be temporarily be here to observe. Treat him well now."

My eyes flew to check him out. He doesn't look that happy to be here. He was dressed in all black and I couldn't check out his face since his hoodie was blocking some.

Some weird emo dude?

I don't mean to stereotype.

He satt down behind me and I could hear Molly strike up a conversation with him. "Hey cutie, what's your name?"



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