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-Am I sick?  

Maybe I'm just crazy 

It's all to hazy 

I can't understand 

What's wrong with me?  

Why am I like this?  

What did I do to deserve this?  


I was fine. 


But I guess that's why it's happened 

The bad things always happen to the innocent. 

We're weak, powerless 

Easy targets 

And that's why it gets us 

Help me!  

I can't take this!  

This feeling of anger inside me 

My outlook on life, people, me. 

Why me?  

I don't deserve to be ill 

It makes me want to kill 

These feelings, they kill me inside. 

Why, why oh why?  

Someone just help me please!  

I need to talk 

Let it all out. 

But who wants to hear?  

Who will understand?  

No one...

-We were so close together 

Now so far apart 

What happened in between 

I can only feel in my heart 

I wish you were here 

To talk with me today 

But I can't give a call 

My body won't obey 

Things seemed to be so perfect 

Now they seem so wrong 

I don't feel as though I know you 

Where has our friendship gone 

You used to be able to talk with me 

About everything you felt 

Now I feel I'm a stranger 

My heart is starting to melt 

We always used to talk 

Until the middle of the night 

I don't know what we talked about 

But never once in a fight 

I need you in my life 

I need you as a friend 

I need to laugh and cry with you 

Forever 'til the end 

I still don't know what has happened 

Our friendship has lasted so long 

But I can't help from wondering 

What did I do wrong ?


-I don't get what's wrong with me, 

leave me alone and let me be free, 

get out of my room, 

don't worry I'll be leaving soon, 

I don't need you or your charity, 

What the hell is wrong with me? 

leave me alone just let me be, 

There is nothing wrong with me, 

I just want to stay home and watch t.v, 

I don't care, go on and cry, 

Don't worry soon I'll die, 

But I don't get what's wrong with me, 

I think I need some clarity, 

can someone tell me whats wrong with me? 

what's wrong with watching T.v? 

I just want to live life like a vacation. 

I don't want to live in frustration, 

I just want to have fun, 

am I the only one? 

But still I don't get what's wrong with me, 

I just want stay home and listen to my C.D, 

Good Charlotte, Sum 41,blink 182, 

you don't get my point of view, 

you keep yelling, 

I'm tired of you telling.. 

me what to do.. 

But STILL I don't get what's wrong with me.

-What is it that I am doing wrong?  

With my life???  

Since so many people know what's best for me tell me please? 

You know what's best for me, you know more bout my life then I do?  

Since you know all that I should do and what I'm doing that I shouldn't do please tell me?  




I am all of these things rolled into one.. But I can't find the things I should be doing.  

So confused. Sometimes I feel like a fool  

So many around me say they are proud to see a brother out here doing the right thing.  

But to me what I'm doing is what I feel is a standard. Its hard to see my life from others perspective. I just live trying to do things the way I feel they should be done. But if I'm wrong please tell me... WHAT AM I DOING WRONG WITH MY LIFE?

-So can someone please explain 

Why people enjoy others pain 

And can't just give them a chance 

Because I try so hard to be nice 

But with some I manage to think twice 

Because I know some aren't worth that second glance 

What have I ever done to you? 

All I want to do is talk 

But you don't seem to have a clue 

How so soon I can start to walk 

Not everyone is given a try 

But I tried to give you yours 

But I always end up saying goodbye 

I'm the one that will close those doors 

So what am I doing wrong? 

All I want is love and happiness 

But it seems I get ignored the most 

Why do I always remember the sadness? 

And why do I always appear the ghost? 

I've never hurt anyone 

Until they have hurt me 

All I want in life is to have my fun 

And be as happy as can possibly be 

Can you tell what I'm doing wrong? 

Open manners and a big heart 

Are my blessings and my curse 

I don't always know the end from the start 

But I'm not always sure what hurts worse 

I manage to smile and stay strong 

Even though I try my best 

Someone always seems to deem me wrong 

But I can't say much for the rest 

So I'll keep going on my merry way 

And I don't really care what you say 

It will sting but I won't bleed 

My sorrow isn't yours on which to feed 

So my question I ask too many times 

The question that always rings a bell 

When you were the one favoring the crime 

And I was the one who unintentionally fell 

What could I possibly be doing wrong?


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