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One Direction Dirty Imagines

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You were bored and decided that you wanted to go over to your best friend’s house Niall and maybe spend some time together watching a movie or playing some board games. You have secretly a huge crush on him and you always feel awkward around him, or whenever he’s near you. All of the other boys know that you have an enormous crush on him though, but you had them swear that they won’t say anything.

You get to your car and drive over to his house, without telling him. you wanted to surprise him. You knocked on the door multiple times but no one answered, you got a little worried so you opened the door with the emergency key that you had, that he gave you. As soon as you opened the door, loud music blasted welcoming you in. You were surprised that you couldn’t hear it when you were outside, you quickly take off your jacket and make yourself at home, going straight to the kitchen.

“ HEY Y/N “ someone sounded extremely happy to see you. You gasp shocked and turn around and see that it was Niall standing in front of  you shirtless holding a beer and smiling from ear to ear.

“ JEEZUZ NIALL!!! … you scared me” you say holding your hand on your chest close to your heart, breathing fast. It took minutes for your brain to recover and you notice that he is shirtless.

“ Sorry love, I didn’t mean to scare you”  Niall mutters after he stopped the music and turned to you once again.
“ Um, it’s fine I guess its karma “ you say hiding your inside-joke smile, knowing that you wanted to surprise him and scare the hell out of him.
“ Karma? Why?” he says not understanding anything, so you just shake your head and change the subject “ First why was there very loud music? Second why are you shirtless? And third are you drunk? “

He winks at you and leaves you confused in the kitchen and heads to the living room. Stand there a while not knowing what to do, you follow him to the living room “ SURPRISE !!!!!! “ everybody shouts and you jump in your place “ WHAT THE HELL ….. OMG… you guys “ you say both shocked, scared and tearing up.

All the boys had made you a surprise party knowing you’ll come over. You hug everyone and thank them, you all dance and eat cake having a blast. You sit down after a while to cool down and the boys join you

“ You thought we forgot didn’t you? “ Harry asks playing with your hair, and you notice that Niall is glaring at you, but you choose to ignore it.

“ yes I really did think that you forgot… how did you remember my birthday ? “ you ask still surprised.

“ It doesn’t really matter now how we remembered. What does matter is that you are gonna have a good time tonight. It’s all about you tonight” Liam says ending the discussion.

You nod your head agreeing with him, and smile. Zayn, Liam and Louis are all sitting on the coach enjoying a good movie, Niall is sitting on another coach glaring at you drinking his beer, while you were sitting on the floor wrapped tightly by the arms of Harry, leaning your head on his chest while he’s playing with your hair.

You glance up at Niall to see him giving you and Harry the death stair, but again you chose to ignore it. You didn’t really understand why, it’s not like he likes you more than a friend, you thought to yourself.

“ Hey babe, wanna do something fun? “ Zayn interrupted your thoughts.

“ Yeah sure. What do you have in mind?” you ask excited, thinking you would do anything to change the intensity of the air.

“ How about body shots?” Liam suggested and you shook your head no. “ What about naked twister? “ Harry smirked and everybody gave him a ‘ wtf ‘ glance, especially Niall.

“ Ummm, let’s play truth or dare “ Louis said changing the subject. You nodded and everyone agreed. “ okay, I’ll start since it’s my birthday “ you said sitting up but still beside Harry.

“ Zayn! Truth or dare?”
“ Dare “
“ Ok, I dare you to prank call your mom, and tell her you’re gay in a girly way.”

Everyone started laughing, while we listened to him freak his mom out, with his girly voice. She almost started crying.

“ May turn “ Zayn said like he was seeking pay back. “ Y/N. truth or dare?”

“ Umm, dare “

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Truth Or Dare

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