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Pregnant with My Brother's Baby!


Pregnant with my brother’s baby!


I leant over the counter sink as I stared at the stick in my hand. I am in tears, my heart beat is picking up. I cover my mouth with my hand just freaking out! How can this even happen? I know how it goes but why me? Why did I have to be stupid and sleep with some guy I don’t even know. Even worse him being older than me. Come on I’m just seventeen for Christ sake, and he is like twenty-three!

A guy like him wouldn’t want to help me with this, and he is still young he needs to live his life and I know I am not ever going to see him again. But it hurts how he is such a stranger, but I ended up feeling this feeling of comfort, security, and love with him.

I push away from the counter dropping the stick in my basket and walking out of my bathroom. I walk over to the mirror I have and lift up my shirt and run my hand softly over my stomach.

Inside I may be freaking out like crazy but somehow I happen to grow a smile on my face and tears. But not tears of worry but tears of joy. I have always loved kids but I have never thought of having one this soon. But this happened, and it was my entire fault. But I am not going to be one of those teenage girls who go for abortions, or give them up. I am not doing that.

I hear a knock at my bedroom door and I turn ‘Yes?’

‘Opal, dinner is ready’ my father said

‘Okay, be right there’ I said. I hear his retreating footsteps and I pull down my shirt. I look at my face in the mirror and see this glow on my face. I blush. God help me, I think.

Now, my worry is telling my father. I am his little girl and with him finding out that I am pregnant will really make him sad or destroyed inside of how he wasn’t able to protect me. But this is my fault not his, he shouldn’t worry.

I sigh walk out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen. Right now I am debating if I should tell him or not. If I tell him now it would get all the worry out of the way but if I don’t then it’ll hurt him more.

I walk into the dining room finding him setting the plates on the table, and then bringing out the food.

‘Smells good daddy’ I say walking over to him. He looks up at me and smiles

‘Yeah, that’s what you get when you have a father that used to be a chef’ He said

I roll my eyes ‘Don’t shove you achievements in my face’ I said kissing his cheek and then sitting down.

‘Just eat up you’ll have something great happen in your life sometime in the future’ He said sitting at the head of the table as I sat next to him on his left.

I blushed hiding my smile. Something great was already starting for me, and it will only take nine months.

We ate but we also had our laughs, and talks. He later brought in our appetizers and it was a yummy fudge cake. He cut each of us a piece and I decided to tell him now.

I put down my spoon and look at him ‘Dad…’

He looks up ‘Yeah’

‘I’m going to tell you something and please just don’t get mad or distressed over it please’ I said pleading

‘You’re scaring me’ He said

‘Dad, I am sorry, it was my mistake. I didn’t know what I was thinking but it happened and then…’I say trailing off. ‘

‘Opal’ He said

‘I’m pregnant dad. I’m so sorry’ I said crying scared of his reaction. He starts crying but the only thing he does is getting up and hugs me holding me into the warmth of his arms.

‘Shh, don’t cry it’ll be okay’ He says running his fingers through my hair, and kissing my head.

‘No it’s not dad. I brought this upon you and you don’t need any more stress then you already have’ I said holding onto him.

‘Stop don’t think that. I am not in stress I am happy where we both stand right now’ He said pulling me away from his chest and kissing my forehead.

I nodded ‘I am going to help you through this okay’ He says onto my forehead

I nodded feeling a lump in my throat preventing me from speaking.

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Pregnant with My Brother's Baby!


Selena Gomezas Opal
Ian Somerhalderas Zayden
Eli Rothas Milo (Opal's Dad)
Matt Dallasas Daniel
Ariana Grande as Ariel
Nina Dobrevas Charlie
Channing Tatumas Roy

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