The Wanted Imagines


Imagine you are carving a pumpkin for Halloween. You start with the eyes and then the nose, and finally the jagged mouth. You look at the pumpkin you just carved and call in your boyfriend. 

"What babe?" Tom asks, walking in to the kitchen from the living room.

"I named the pumpkin after you!" You announce turning the scary pumpkin round for him to see.

"Thanks!" He says, he nudges you so you fall onto the marble island in the centre of your kitchen. You push him back and you end up having a play fight with him.

Later that night, you get dressed in your Halloween party costume. You are going as a rag doll and Tom is going as a skeleton. You put on your short dress, white knee-high socks and brogues. You put extensions in your hair and plait them, tying them at the end with a red ribbon. You start on the makeup. You apply white face paint underneath your eyes and draw eyelashes on with an eyeliner pencil. You add two rosy red circles of blusher on your cheeks, black lipstick all across your face, from cheek to cheek, with lines coming down. You then draw a scar on your jaw and a cut on your forehead and you are ready to go. 

"You look scarier than normal." Tom says as you walk out of the bathroom.

"Thanks," You say sarcastically. You smile and Tom leans forward and kisses you on the cheek. He winks at you as he walks into the bathroom. 


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