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I was in the car on my way to some photo shoot for my new album Chapter 5.

As soon as I walked through the door Nicole was giving all of the girls that came up to me the evil eye.

After signing autographs and taking pictures I went to my dressing room.

Nicole wouldn’t have had her photo shoot here if she didn’t find out my ex girlfriend Maxine was going to be here….jealous ass.

Just then a lady walk into the room.

“I’m sorry for the wait but Maxine isn’t going to be here but I called the next best here to assist you.” She said with a weak smile

“Okay thank you”I said slightly annoyed because I felt Nicole did something to Maxine.

“Well now that she's out the way,today can be fun!”Nicole said brightly,I gave her a blank face.

Nicole and I have been dating for a while and I like her but she's gets overly jealous and clingy.She talks too much and always has something to say and then sometimes she's just annoying for no damn reason.


43 minutes later

“ugh whats taking so long?”Nicole dragged out,I couldn't lie I wanted to say the same thing.I was trying to be in and out.

Nicole left the room looking for the woman that came in earlier she left the door open.

“Ow,I’m so sorry” this blonde hair girl said as Nicole bumped into her knocking her papers out of her hand.

“Watch it next time ugh”I shook my head at her rude ass.

After the girl got her papers she walked towards a girl at the racks and started talking before the boss I guess dragged her towards us.

“I’m so sorry that she is so late but this is Maxine’s replacement.”

“Hi I’m Carmen”she stated with a small smile.

She looked so familiar I could figure out why.

“I’m so terribly sorry for being so late”

“It's okay”I said just to hear Nicole suck her teeth.

Carmen and I made eye contact and she looked a way.She signaled my clothes to be brought in as she walked out.

I shrugged it off and got dressed after I forced Nicole out of the room.


The last picture was taken and I went to change back into my white v-neck and basketball shorts.

Knock knock!

After I said come in Fiona came in and sat across from me.

“How was the shoot?”

“It was okay I guess”

“How was Nicole with the intern?”she said with a smirk

“Nicole was Nicole”I replied dryly which made her laugh.

“What's the intern’s name?”

“Carmen Carangi!”she said proudly

I thought for a minute Carangi,Carangi I know that name.



“Who's that?” I pointed to the girl sitting in the corner of the playground facing the wall.

“The new girl Carmen she came last week when you was sick”Chris said while climbing the monkey bars.

“Ew why she look like that?” she had all kinds of bruises and scars on her arm and her hair was in a messy ponytail.

Chris shrugged “I heard she's poor.” Allen said laughing

“Ha she look like shit lets go over there”I said walking over to the girl.

“Hey”I said kicking her leg and she looked up at me.

“This is our play ground so you can’t sit here”Chris said stomping on her notebook.

She looked back at the ground and tried to grab her notebook but Allen beat her to it.

“Do you want your notebook back?” she nodded in response.

“Too bad”I said tossing it back and forth between Chris and I.

She got up and tried to take it but I pushed her on the wall hard making her fall to the ground.

I looked in the notebook and say a bunch of stuff written in Chinese and rose my eyebrows.

“Recess is over all 5th graders back in the building now!”the intercom blasted

Carmen got up and I threw her book at her and it fell in some muddy water.

Chris,Allen and I walked off laughing and talking about what happened. She just sat on her knees looking at her soaked notebook.

Flashback over

I saw her go to place clothes on a rack so I walked towards her.

“Carmen is that you?”…


I froze. I hoped he didn’t remember me I hid my face every time he looked but I guess I can hide now.

Oh Fudge.
I swiftly turned around and found him right in front of me.


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Jessica Albaas Carmen Carangi
Trey Songz as Tremaine Neverson
Chris Brownas Chris Brown
Drakeas Allen 'Drake'Graham
Sibonay (Tumblr)as Brooke Mason
Melanie Fionaas Fiona Cooke
Paula Pattonas Maxine Robin
Lauren Londonas Nicole Lauren

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