My dog is my boyfriend. What?


I fell asleep smiling, with Tobi crashed out at the end of the bed.

My dream was light and full of sunshine, so I woke up in a good mood.

I kept my eyes shut for a second, relishing in the fact that it was a Saturday. "Ah, the weekend."

A heavy lump shifted by my feet. "Morning Tobi." I cooed happily.

"Morning." A deep voice replied.

I froze. My eyes snapped open and I sat bolt upright in bed. What I saw shocked me to my very core.

A boy was lying on the end of my bed. He had olive skin, chocolate brown eyes and dark hair, but I barely processed any of that. What I was more concerned about was that he was NAKED!

"Ah!" I screamed and jumped out of bed. "Get the hell out of my room, you rapist!"

He looked confused and sat up.

"No!" I held my hands in front of my face, to shield my eyes. "I'll call the police, I swear!"

To my horror, he got off the bed and took two steps towards me. Once he was less than a metre away he pulled down my arms with one hand and with the other, gently pushed my chin up and kissed me.

I shot backwards as if I'd been electrocuted. My hands were waving around furiously and I was mouthing words I wouldn't dare say around Mum.

"What? Why are you so angry? Did I do something? I thought that was what the boy did to you last night."

"That doesn't mean you can do it! I don't know you... And why the hell wouldn't I get angry? You're sleeping on my bed with no clothes on! Then you just randomly kissed me! How did you think I'd react?" I was glad Mum and Chris had to go to golf and book-club on a Saturday morning. If they heard me yelling and came in... I don't want to think about it.

I whipped my head around the room, being careful not to stare at him. "What did you do to Tobi?" My voice was panicked. "Did you kill him?"

"No, I do not think you understand..." He seemed to only be able to speak slowly and in very simple English. Maybe it wasn't his first language.

"You got that right! Now get out of my room!" I shoved my finger towards the door, my brow wrinkled in a scowl.

"But... I am Tobi."

I managed a strained laugh. "Um, not sure if you realised this, but Tobi's a dog."

Through my fingers, I could see him tip his head to one side and smile at me slightly. "Woof."

"There's no way you're ever going to convince me you're Tobi! Now get out!"

The boy frowned in concentration. I could feel my heart beating unevenly in my chest. This is gonna be a hell of a story to tell Callum.

"What...?" It felt like the air had been pulled out of my lungs. Where the boy had been sitting less than a second ago was now...

"Tobi?" I whispered, dropping my arms down by my sides. He stood up on the bed and wagged his tail.

I stepped up to him cautiously and stroked his head. He started panting happily and licked my hand.

"Did you really just...?" I let my thoughts trail off.

Then suddenly I was patting the head of a naked boy again.

"Ah!" I still couldn't get over the initial shock of it all.

He smiled at me. My head tipped to one side involuntarily. They were the same. Tobi's chocolate brown eyes stared up at me, slightly confused.

"It is you." I breathed, the words barely audible.

"Yes." Tobi nodded.

We stood there in silence for a second.

"You need some clothes."

"Yes." He repeated, simply.

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