The House of Hades




Percy was falling. He held on to Annabeth, as he was falling into the depths of Tartarus. "It's ok," he said to her. "We will find the others at the mortal side of the Doors of Death."

"Percy. I lost my bronze knife, and Daedalus's laptop. I can't defend myself from monsters, and the laptop was the only way I could connect to the Argo II. My stupid leg can't keep me upright."

Percy considered this for a moment. "We can do this," he said. There was a loud hissing noise coming from the walls around them. "You have fallen into my grasp." Says a sleepy voice. "You won't make it out of Tartarus alive. My minions will kill you. And your blood will awaken me at last. Accept your deaths, and perhaps I will spare your beloved camps. If not, everything you know and love will disappear."

"Gaea! We will never surrender!" Percy yells. Sleepy laughter filled in his mind. Immense pain exploded all over him, and he blacked out.

First chapter done! Tell me what you think. Next chapter on Sunday, or maybe Saturday.

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