Dirty One Direction One Shots


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“Niall, hurry up and get down here! The pool’s fantastic!” Louis called. “I’m coming!” Niall called from inside the house. He walked to the door and left the house, and went over to one of their pool chairs. “Come on, Ni!” Louis called again.

    Niall pulled off his shirt and walked to the side of the pool, sitting down and dangling his legs in the water.

    Louis, already in the water, walked over to him. “You look hot, babe,” he smirked, coming to stand between Niall’s legs. Niall grinned back at him. “Back atcha, Lou.”

    Louis lifted his hands out of the water and began to run them up Niall’s thighs, squeezing gently when he got to his hips. Niall sighed. “Stand back babe,” he warned, then slid into the water in front of Louis, who immediately wrapped his own legs around Niall’s waist and put his arms around Niall’s neck.

    Niall was easily able to hold him in the water, his hands grasping Louis’ hips and gently grazing his ass. Louis noticed, and smirked, leaning in to kiss him. Niall closed the gap between them, kissing him hard, and spun around, pressing Louis to the side of the pool, who moaned when he felt the rough concrete wall graze his back.

    Niall pressed him against the wall harder, making sure their hips were sandwiched together, eliciting moans from them both at the blessed friction. Louis unfurled his legs from Nialls hips and stood on his own, but Niall’s hand’s didn’t leave. He moved one of them to Louis’ hips and started playing with the string on his swim trunks, tugging and pulling at it. Louis broke away from the kiss to watch, mesmerized. Niall took that opportunity to move to Louis’ neck, biting gently and sucking red marks into him. Louis bit back a moan and pressed into Niall’s kisses, who laughed a little at Louis’ reaction. Getting bored with just playing with the string, he moved his hand back up to Louis’ waistband of his swim trunks, tracing the outline of his hardened member. 

    Louis gasped and bucked into Niall’s hand, amazed at how good it felt underwater. Niall smiled, and went back to marking Louis’ adams apple with his teeth, his hand still teasing Louis through his shorts. He was desperately hard, Niall could tell. He decided to give in, and slipped his hand into Louis’ shorts, squeezing his hand around Louis’ base.

    Louis groaned and nearly embarrassed himself at Niall’s firm touch. He tried to resist bucking into his hand like a bloody horny fool, but he gave in after a few seconds, and bucked int his hands.

    “No,” Niall whispered, his voice husky. His other hand came and gripped Louis’ hip, holding him firmly to the wall. “You’re not moving.”

    The hand on Louis’ dick slowly, finally, painfully, started moving, and after a few minutes Louis was shaking, on the edge. Niall knew he was close, so he slammed their lips together and jerked him once more, and Louis came, gasping, flashes of white taking over his vision. He slumped back weakly against the wall, gasping. Niall just smiled, pulling away from the kiss. He brought his hand out of Louis’ pants and swished it around in the water, cleaning it off, then turned and dove under the water, before Louis could say a word.

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