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nien bieu LSVN ne


Thoi ky bat dau dung nuoc

Su kien Thoi gian

Vua Hung dung nuoc

Nuoc Van Lang

Van hoa Phung Nguyen

nua dau Thien nien ky 2 TCN

Van hoa �ong �au

nua sau Thien nien ky 2 TCN

Van hoa Go Mun

cuoi Thien nien ky 2 TCN - dau Thien nien ky 1 TCN

Van hoa �ong Son (Trong dong Ngoc Lu)

Thien nien ky 1 TCN

Van hoa Sa Huynh cua nguoi Cham o Mien Trung

500 TCN - The ky 2

An Duong Vuong, quoc hieu au Lac; khang chien chong Tan

nua sau the ky thu 3 TCN

That bai cua An Duong Vuong truoc xam luoc cua Trieu �a

179 TCN

Thoi ky phong kien phuong Bac do ho, (179TCN � 938)

Su kien Thoi gian

Thuoc Trieu

179 TCN - 111 TCN

Thuoc Tay Han

111 TCN - 25

Van hoa oc Eo (Vuong quoc Phu Nam) o Nam Bo

1 - 630

Thuoc �ong Han

Khoi nghia Hai Ba Trung

Nuoc Lam ap cua nguoi Cham hinh thanh

25 - 226

40 - 43


Thuoc �ong Ngo (thoi Tam Quoc)

Khoi nghia Ba Trieu

226 - 280


Thuoc Tan

280 - 420

Thuoc Luu Tong (Nam Bac trieu Trung Hoa)

420 - 479

Thuoc Te (Nam Bac trieu Trung Hoa)

479 - 502

Thuoc Luong (Nam Bac trieu Trung Hoa)

502 - 541

Nha Tien Ly, quoc hieu Van Xuan

542 - 603

Thuoc Tuy

Nuoc Lam ap bi nha Tuy tieu diet

603 - 617


Thuoc �uong

Khoi nghia Mai Thuc Loan

Khoi nghia Phung Hung

Nuoc Chiem Thanh cua nguoi Cham doc lap khoi nha �uong

618 - 906


766 - 791


Ho Khuc gianh quyen tu chu

905 - 930

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