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Long Union J Dirty #imagine ~

'Four on One'


Your at the doctors with you mum, getting her some tablets. Suddenly, a lad with his hood up sits next to you. "Is this seat taken?" He asks, not even looking at you.

"No." You say, trying to desipher who it is. "I'm not being rude, but why do you have your hood up, and sunglasses on?"

"Because, I'm hiding from the papparazi." He sighs.

Famous. Oh Shit. I look a mess! You think silently.

Now, as in turn you hide your face and don't look at him.

"So, can I ask who you are?" You kind of make out in your politest voice.

"I'm..." He trails.

"I can't here you." Your both still whispering.

"I'm Jaymi." He finally looks at you and seems astonished. But you can't see his face.

But wait, what Jaymi's are famous?! Ugh. You can't think!?

"I'm _____" You say, skeptical of what his reply will be.

"What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl." You blush and bite your lip.

"Why are you here? Out of all the places you could hide, why here?"

"Umm, I don't know. I felt there might be someone waiting in here."

You look around and the only person except for you is a bald old woman, eating a banana.

"So. You've found that person then?" You said,twizzling a strand of your hair around and around. Jaymi begins leaning in and his eyes close. "Jaymi!" You say laughing under a whisper.

His lips are just millimeters away from touching yours.

You pull out your phone and text your mum; Gone to a friends house. Don't wait up - Love ya x x

"Where do you live?" you whisper seductively, giving him chills.

"The corinthia. Come with me." He winks, allowing you to finally look at his face properly. You can't belive who he is.

"JAYMI HEN-" He puts his hand over your mouth and laughs, you join him and laugh also.

"Right, lets go."

You arrive at the hotel and paparrazi try and get shots of you, but you hide yourself, sucsessfully.

When you climb in the lift you sigh, and that turns into a smirk.

Jaymi pushes into you and leans you againgst the lift, his lips moving on yours. Then the lift dings and you pull apart and he hurrys to get to your room. Inside 3 boys sat. One playing his guitar. And 2 having a play fight.

"Jaymi, your friends are here." You whisper, The boys stop and get up, walking to you.

Suddenly, they've formed a block around you. "Now, you've been a bad girl, so you must be punished." Jaymi winked.

"Why are your friends here?" You ask, looking at the boys. "Guys, eyes north of the equator!"

They take the demand and look at your chest.


"Darling, you do this, or we'll just call security, and have you thrown out for tresspassing."


"Ah ah ah, no buts. Is it a yes? or is it a no?"

"What do you want me to do first?" You sigh with a giggle.

Oh come on. 4 fit lads, who want to have sex with you? Your on the pill, why not?

- Will Do The Next Part Later -

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