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Hi, Im Sam. Im 15 with a very loud style. Im not in love with Justin Bieber I only like his music. I go to a normal hell pit called high school, Im in gr.10 at the moment... Well my family is well my family, I have one 13 year old sister, and my mom. My dad left us 4 years ago... But today is a new day, to bad I didnt know wat was in stor for me...

Buzz, buzz my cell was going off at 8:30 I said no calls or texts till 9:30!!! Ugh... Well it was my best friend, Ben, hes gay but great. He said: 'Good morning Sam. Up? Well I have a set up date fo u today to bad hes not gay cuz hes HOT!!! Yum. He'll be there at 10:30 get ready!!!!!!! Damn it! Ben really? 10:30 fine cuz ur not going to tell me who I'll have to get ready and look hot too. ;)

After 1 hour and 15 min I was ready, I had gray skinnys that made my butt look good on, a purple tink-top on, with black high tops. My brown hair was down. A bit of eyeliner and light pink lip gloss now Im all set. I had 15 min left befor I met my new "date" its funny Ben has seat me up with like 50 guys but Ive never had a first kiss or any slutty bull-shit. Luckly. My mom went to my aunt Stella's house with my little sis. So im home alone today, I really dont like doing stuff on sundays yet Ben set me up on a date. Ding. Hes here. Yay? I open the door and see... Justin Bieber? I thoght he was gay? Gess not.

"Hi Im looking for Sam." He smiled. 

"Ya, here I am." I gave him a sweet smile. He looks at me in awe.

"Wow I thoght Ben was lien but u r hot." His face went red cuz he never ment to say that.

"Ur not to bad ur self Justin."

I swar this is a dream! I asked him to hold on for a sec, then ran to get my bag and slaped my self befor he could see me. Then said it's not a deam and ow' in my head. I went back out to find him looking at a photo of me in gr.7 when I won the school talent show for my dance, he looked really goofy smiling so big, I was warmed in the heart.

"So were do u wanna go Justin?"

"Amywere as long as Im with u."

"Must u be like that?"

"Nope but its fun to bug pretty girls."

Did he just call me pretty? Wow thats sweet. I smile a bit then we left. We went to West Edmonton Mall, we went to see eclips cuz I think Jacob is awesome, bella is a bitch, and Edward is an EMO FAIRY!!! And Justin said bella's hot, Edward is FUGLY, and Jacod is on drugs... Luckly no one saw Justin, that would suck I mean then we couldn't watch the movie.

Half way into the movie I went to say something to Justin, and he kissed me full on the lips. But I kissed back, with love as did he. His soft, full lips were sweet, like candy. His eyes closed, so I closed mine too. The kiss was a good 3 min, then we both needed air. We kissed a bit more then watched the rest of the movie, then got fro-yo.

It was 4:00pm when we went back to my place, little sis came running up to us and yelled "Ur JUSTIN BIEBER!!!" Then my mom came in and said: "Jess dont be silly thats not- O my it is Justin Bieber." I sent Justin up to my room, told my mom everything then she sent me up to my room with the old 'Im trusting u' look.

I walk up to Justin and kiss hin on the lips with my hands on his arms. When Jack my ex, and "friend" walked into my room knowing I was with a guy, and with out knocking, that a$s!!! Justin and I stop kissing soon as Jack walks in. "Damn u Jack, get out, this is MY room!!!" "O did I piss u off like u pissed me off by dumping me?" Jack said with a bitchy voice. "U freackin cheated on me to bad!!!!" I yelled at him. Justin got up then said "I really dont care that u want her back but as u can tell shes with me, so "Jack" leave her room and go find a slut." He really didn't care, nor did I. Haha Justin is really awesome. We kissed a bit more then had sushi for dinner, we cleaned everyones mess then went back up to my room kissed more then at 10:30pm Justin had to go home. At 12:00pm he texted me: 'Sweet dreams sweet heart, XXOO Justin.'


A.N.: I'll upload more tomorrow-ish, maybe if I can... Nighty-night.

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