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10 Great Fantasy Short Stories




House of Atreus.  Meet Agamemnon, King of Mycea, and the conquerer of Troy.  He’s been sent to the modern world by Zeus.


Manhattan Monsters: They are a undead softball team playing in Central Park.  Really.


Recipe for Revenge:  Burga the Warrior Cook seeks revenge on a food critic.


Romeo and Juliet: You’ve probably read this storyline a hundred times.  What’s different about my version? He’s a dwarf, she’s an elf.


Yuletide in Camelot: Entertainment for the feast is provided by Sir Tristan, the world’s worst singer, the Knights of the Round Table Folk Dancing Troupe and the Saxons’ Men Choir.


Inter-Racial Musical Playoffs: Unscrupulous wizards try to fix a band competition.


The Bronze Fleece: Travel to ancient Greece and join Jason and the Argonauts as they undertake a quest for the legendary fleece.


The Rainbow Bridge: Loki is summoned from Asgard and runs into a big problem.


MacBeth: the Sequel.  The Wyrd Sisters have to save their pet from the Laird of the Loch.


Saving the Shore: Find out what happened to the descendants of the Ring Bearer.



Wally Widebody, a.k.a. Walter Pappas, staggered into the bathroom, flipped on the light and screamed.

The face in the mirror wasn’t his.

“Hail!”  The strange face belonged to a middle-aged man with a black and silver beard.  A smashed-in, crooked nose marred an otherwise good-looking face.

A second man, armed with a spear and a shield, stood further into the mirror

Wally, ravaged by a hangover, managed to get enough saliva in his wooly mouth to say, “Who the hell are you?”

“Agamemnon, King of Mycea.  I am your ancestor and I bring an urgent message from Zeus.”

Wally tried to recall where he had heard the names before.

“You are the last surviving male in the House of Atreus.”  Agamemnon assumed a stern expression and wagged a finger at Wally.  “The noblest line of Greek kings.”

“Who gives a shit?”  Wally jerked a thumb over his shoulder.  “Get out of my mirror.”

“You dare to use that tone with me, the conqueror of Troy?”

Wally punched the mirror.  Glass shards flew all over the bathroom while bottles and tubes spilled into the sink.  He pawed through the mess, but couldn’t find a bottle of aspirin.  He couldn’t find any band-aids either.  Great!  It was shaping up to be a hell of a day. And he couldn’t remember why he got drunk last night, except it had something to do with his wrestling match in Madison Square Garden.  He wrapped a towel around his bleeding knuckles and left the bathroom.

In the kitchen, he took a beer from the refrigerator, opened it and swallowed a big gulp.  A beer wasn’t as good as an aspirin but he had to do something to relieve his agony and to jump-start his clogged synapses.  He sat down at an oval table and noted that he had slept in his clothes in the guest room adjacent to the kitchen instead of using his bedroom on the second floor.  There had to be a good reason for his hangover.  What was it?

Wally wiped the cold can across his forehead.

The beer sloshed down his face when the two men from the mirror appeared on the other side of the table.  One moment he was by himself in the room, the next, there were enough people to play a hand of poker.  Although to play cards, the other two would have to put down their weapons.

Agamemnon wore a sword belted on his hip, a leather breastplate trimmed in gold, a kilt-like skirt, bronze greaves and sandals.  Underneath the armor, he wore a white tunic edged in purple, the same color as the crest on his bronze helmet.  His bronze spear point almost reached the ceiling.

“This is my companion, Ajax from Lorca.”  Agamemnon nodded his head towards the other man.  “He’s called Little Ajax to distinguish him from Big Ajax, the one from Salamis.”  Ajax had a black, bushy beard, his tunic was sand-colored and his helmet had a black crest.  Otherwise the two men dressed in identical fashion.

“Leave me alone, asshole!”

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10 Great Fantasy Short Stories

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