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Sex-tales Story 2

What goes on behind closed doors 

Kevin's point of view

I've been watching that fine piece of ass walk around my office for a whole year now. I don't know how much longer I can restrain myself from sexually attacking her body with mines. I watch her every movement. I ask her to grab me things I don't even need. I make her work later for me each day, just to see her a little longer. 

"Mr. Jink, may I leave for home now?" She popped her pretty head in my office after knocking and hearing my voice. I looked at her with lust filled eyes. 

"In a little while, I promise Laura." She just smiled at me and shook her head.

"Where would you be without me huh?" 

"I don't know." I smiled back at her and she popped her head back in to her office and closed my door. I want her so bad. If only I can get her to stay until everyone is gone, including janitors, which is a little tricky since they stay real late. May be there was a way to get her over to my house. Another option was take her out to a club with good food as an appreciation kind of thing, get her drunk, and screw the cum out of her. No. .that's not right. I'll take out the get her drunk part, that would be taking advantage of her. I would never take advantage of that angel walking on earth. I will ask her to that club my best friend Ronald owns. I would give him and his bouncers a heads up so I could take her straight to the v.i.p section. Good job Kevin, now you're thinking! I stood up out of my seat, clearing my throat as I walked over to her door and opened it, popping my head in. Her attention turned towards me.

"Yes Mr. Jink?"

"I want to thank you for all your hard work, how about I take you out somewhere tonight?" 

"But I- -" 

"Good. .when you are finished we will go." What ever else she needed to do tonight could wait, because no one turns down any kind of offer coming from me.

"But sir I- -" 

"What you are wearing is fine." With that., I closed her door. I didn't give her a chance to make a decision, so I made it for her. I shouldn't have gave her so much work, it would take at least another long torturing 15 minutes for her to finish my tasks. Screw that, those damn task can wait until tomorrow too. I turned my computer off and everything else that was on. I made sure my car keys and phone were on me and walked to Laura's door again. I opened it and got a glimpse of her bending over to reach for something. Wait until I get you in that position. I slowly closed the door, I didn't want her to turn around to look at me. Not yet, I was looking at her backside and enjoying it at that. I wanted to walk over there and literally bite her ass. Unfortunately, she got what she needed and sat back in her chair. I sighed and walked around to the front of her desk. 

"Forget about the rest of that, let's just go and get out of here." She was about to say something, but I stopped her from doing so.'"Don't argue with me, don't try to change my choice." She shook her head and smiled at me sheepishly.

"Fine. .not like I was going to anyway." 

"What a lie." I said as I watched her get her purse, keys, and her phone. Damn she was turning me on by doing the simplest things in the world. She could be brushing her teeth, and that would probably turn me on too! 

"Okay ready." I nodded and then walked over to her, placing my hand on her lower back. 

"Then let's go." I wasn't worried about others seeing us. It was Friday and everyone left as soon as their time was up. Everyone but Laura. I made sure she stayed later than she had to each Friday. I wanted to ruin her plans with any dates she may have arranged with another male. Well tonight, that male is me. We got to the elevators and the doors opened up. I let her step in first so I could get another view of her perfect shaped ass. Gosh I'm such a pervert when I'm around her, I can't help it! I stepped in and it was a little chilly in here.

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