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New brothers? The Wanted spanking fanfiction


It was later that day when the mail came. They were all sitting in the living room watching some show on TV. Jeremy became visibly nervous when they heard the mail slot open. "I'll get it," Jeremy offered quickly. He ran out there to get it. The other boys all looked at each other. Jeremy came back in a minute later. He tossed the mail to Tom. Tom flipped through it. "Bill, fanmail, bill... Jeremy, where's your transcripts?" Tom asked. "How should I know?" Jeremy snapped defensively. Tom raised an eyebrow at the kid's tone. "You brought the mail in. They were supposed to come today Jeremy. Now where are they?" Tom asked sternly. "I don't know!" Jeremy all but yelled. "Jeremy Jonathan Scott! Give me the transcripts right now young man!" Tom yelled. Jeremy glared at him. "Go to hell!" Jeremy snapped back. The other guys had been watching quietly, but groaned when they heard Jeremy say this. "That's it! Upstairs, right now!" Tom yelled standing up and pointing towards the stairs. Jeremy glared at him and stormed up the stairs. Tom followed a minute later.

Tom went into Jeremy's room and saw him sitting on the bed glaring into the distance. Tom ran a hand over his face. "Why Jeremy? Why are you trying to hide the transcripts?" Tom asked sounding exasperated. "Who says I am?" Jeremy asked with a smirk. "You know I can look online and see whatever it is you're trying to hide," Tom said. Jeremy looked nervous. "I highly suggest you tell me right now. I won't be as mad if I hear it from you and don't have to go look it up," Tom said. Jeremy looked down and mumbled something incoherently. "What?" Tom asked. "I said, I got kicked out of my last school," Jeremy muttered. Tom looked shocked. "Why and when?" he asked. "It was a week ago and it was because I..." he trailed off. "You what?" Tom asked sounding annoyed. "I had marijuana on school grounds," Jeremy whispered. Tom looked pissed as hell. He sat down on the bed. "Stand up," he ordered. "Why?" Jeremy asked, sounding confused. "Just do it," Tom growled. Jeremy slowly stood. Tom pulled the kid in so that he was standing in between his knees. Tom yanked the boy's pants down and pulled him across his lap. "What are you-" Jeremy started, but was cut off by a sharp swat to his bottom. "What the hell!" Jeremy exclaimed. Tom started to swat his bottom at a steady pace. "You can't do this! You can't SPANK me!" Jeremy exclaimed. Tom chuckled. "I can't huh? That weird. Then what do you call this?" Tom asked sarcastically. "Tom! Stop it!" Jeremy yelled. "I'm pretty sure you aren't at liberty to tell me to stop," Tom replied. All the while he continued to swat the boy's butt. Jeremy decided to stay silent.  

After twenty or so swats Jeremy started yelping slightly. "Please stop Tom. Ouch. I'll- Ow- be good. Ahh!" Jeremy pleaded. Tom hated this. He hated seeing his youngest brother in pain. But it had to be done. A minute later Tom started lecturing.  

"You SWAT will never SWAT do drugs SWAT again WHAP do you SPANK understand me SWAT SWAT SWAT?" Tom lectured. "Y-yes AHH I doooooo," Jeremy cried. "You SWAT will not SWAT SWAT swear SWAT at me SWAT again SWAT SWAT!" Tom said. Jeremy sobbed harder. "Yessssirrrr!" Jeremy answered hoping to end it soon. "And SWAT SPANK you will SWAT SWAT not WHAP hide things SWAT from us SWAT SWAT SWAT SWAT!" Tom scolded. Jeremy just lay there sobbing. "Yessssssss!" he managed to choke out. Tom steeled his heart. "Almost done buddy," he whispered. It was more to himself than to Jeremy. He landed six of the hardest swats to Jeremy's sit spots. Jeremy just went limp and lay there crying. Tom rubbed his back for a minute. When Jeremy's cries had quieted down some, Tom lifted Jeremy up and sat him on his lap. Jeremy yelped as his bottom made contact with Tom's leg. Tom quickly shifted him so that his bottom wasn't touching anything. Tom pulled him in for a hug. Jeremy clung to the older boy's shirt and cried. Tom rubbed soothing circles on Jeremy's back. "Shh. It's okay buddy. You're okay. Everything's forgiven," Tom murmured to the boy. Jeremy curled up close to Tom's chest. Tom lifted him up so that he was carrying the boy on his hip. Jeremy whined slightly at being moved. Tom carried him downstairs to see the other boys.

Max, Siva, Jay, and Nathan all sat there after the other two went upstairs. "Tom is going to kill him. No question about it," Jay said. The other boys agreed. A minute later they heard a slapping sound. It sounded like someone was hitting someone

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