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The Bully Award (An Original Story)


Youtube Video: VoiceYourThoughtsXOXOGirlMRG

My name is Meela Rachael Gilbert and my first topic is bullying. I want to end it as much as other teens do, but for some reason people stand in our way. Why do you want to hurt others and attack their weaknesses? A pretty cheerleader or a gothic teen are both as likely to commit suicide if put through the same torture caused by bullies. Let me know what you think.

I walked through the school remembering my video and not being afraid of bullies around me. My friend Nana Alexander was bullied so much that she dropped out and ever since I have been working to get rid of bullying in high schools across America. My hair was black and I was labeled “emo” although this is my natural hair color. I ignored bullying against myself; I have no fears or emotional weakness.

Nana is a beautiful girl who sadly faced ridicule from all my peers, but she still didn’t hurt herself. She cried herself to sleep but other than that, I haven’t seen her harm herself. She was used by a guy she was friends with but he made a stupid choice to use her. I watched her suffer and now I’m taking a stand. This year I will make an award called the Bully Award and hand it to the biggest bully.

I wanted to point them out not to bully them but to show what one person can do to another human being. I will be watching everyone to make sure and I will stop them. I walked down the hallway to my classroom, and entered. Everyone looked at me and I’m guessing they saw my Youtube video that I also hooked up to my Facebook.

My teacher watched me as he went over class and I smiled at everyone in the room. They knew I was watching and that I would be doing something but they didn’t know yet. One of the bullies whose name is Jaden Walters was looking at me. He never noticed me before now, but he smiled which wasn’t common for him to do. I looked away and focused my attention on the class again.

Around lunch time Jaden saw me and sat by me, “Meela.”

“That is my name,” I said to his simple one worded sentence.

His pale skin made him look ill as he replied, “I know that.”

I pretended to be shocked, “Really?”

“Quit playing games and talk to me,” he said as he started picking at his lunch.

My eyes studied him, “Why should I?”

“I’m sorry for what I did to Nana,” he looked down as he said that.

“You used her,” I said and his face frowned. His brown eyes looked into my brown eyes. His pale complexion was unique and made him look like a handsome guy but on the inside he was anything but that.

“I saw your Youtube video, that was brave. I’m surprised they haven’t bullied you yet.”

I laughed, “I’m too strong and not easy to break.”

He took a sip of his milk, “Why does it seem you hate everything and everyone but Nana?”

“Maybe that is because it is the truth,” I answered.

His hair was blue since he dies it school colors but right now it was in his face, “Wow, nice to know the lady who hates bullying happens to be the most hateful chick in school.”

“Like you give a damn,” I said and he smiled.

“You should really die your hair a different color, maybe it will match your hateful personality too,” he replied with a smirk.

“You are just upset that you could never win my heart,” I pointed out.

Jaden stopped to think, “You are right. You did reject me back in freshman year. I never noticed you since.”

I smirked, “Told you.”

He took my hand and kissed it, “Yes you did.”

I pulled my hand away, “I can’t be with you.”

“Why not?” He asked.

“I have too many issues I have to deal with. This is senior year and this is my last chance to keep my grades up,” I explained to him.

He frowned, “You just broke my heart.”

I laughed, “You are so full of crap.”

“I am?” He asked.

“Yes,” I answered and I poked him.

He smiled, “You are flirting with me, that must be a good sign.”

“Is it?”

“Yes,” he said and he pulled me close to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“I need you to help me with something and then I might give you a shot,” I replied.

He looked at me, “And that would be?”

“I’m making a Bully Award to announce at Graduation.”

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