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Dialogues for beginners


Dialogues for beginners 

Narrator: Randall Benton & Barbara Dawson 

Matt & Caryl Auckerman (USA)


Dialogue 1 

- Hello. My name's Pete. What's yours? 

- Ann  

- Nice name. I like it very much.  

- Thank you. You name's good, too.  

- It was nice meeting you.  

- Thanks. It was nice meeting you.

Dialogue 2 

- What's the date today, I wonder? 

- Sunday, the 8th of March.  

- What is it famous for? 

- Don't you know? It's International Women's Day.

Dialogue 3 

- Are lessons over?  

- Yes, they are.  

- Where're you going? Home?  

- No, to the pictures. My friend's waiting for me there.  

- Good luck, then. Good bye.  

- Well, I'm off. See you later.

Dialogue 4 

- Have you got any hobbies? I have. I like English.  

- So do I.  

- Do you read much?  

- Yes, because I want to know English well.  

- Oh, let's talk English for a bit.  

- No objections to it.

Dialogue 5 

- Oh, dear, hurry up! 

- I'm trying to.  

- Well, come on. It's your first day at school.  

- Do you want to be late?  

- I'm ready now.  

- Off we go!

Dialogue 6 

- I don't think English is easy.  

- Why do you think so?  

- Because I have to work hard learning a lot by heart.

Dialogue 7 

- I'm going to be an English language teacher.  

- Why?  

- For a number of reasons. 

- What reasons, I wonder?  

- The main one is I like English.

Dialogue 8 

- What do you think the best sort of job is?  

- Engineering, I think.  

- I like medicine.  

- To my mind the best one is the one you like the most.

Dialogue 9 

- I say, where're you going?  

- To school, as you see.  

- Why so early, I wonder? It's only 12 o'clock now.  

- That's right, but I'm on duty, you know.  

- I see.

- Where're you going?  

- To a friend of mine to play chess. Bye-bye. 

- Bye-bye.

Dialogue 10 

- Please give me that book.  

- What for?  

- To have a look at it.  

- Here you are.  

- Thank you.  

- Not at all.

Dialogue 11 

- Have you had a good day at school?  

- Wonderful! I've got three really good marks!  

- Jolly good. Congratulations! 

- Thank you.

Dialogue 12 

- You're far too lazy. Look at your English. Is this the best you can do?  

- You know I'm no good at English. 

- And what about Physics?  

- I'm ashamed of myself. 

- You could easily come top of the class. 

- I'll work harder, I promise.

Dialogue 13 

- Well, hurry up.  

- I'm trying to. But look, isn't there half an hour before school starts?  

- Is that the right time? 

- I'm sure it is.

Dialogue 14 

- School's almost over.  

- Yes, I know.  

- How many more days?  

- Six. 

- When do the holidays start?  

- Next week.

Dialogue 15 

- How did you enjoy your summer holidays?  

- Oh, yes, very much. I spent them at a youth camp.  

- On the south coast as usual with your elder sister?  

- Yes, but this time I was alone.  

- How lucky you were!  

- That's right.

Dialogue 16 

- Look here, this has got to stop. You've come bottom in nearly every subject.  

- Except Geography.  

- Yes, indeed. You came second to bottom in that.  

- It wasn't really my fault. I was ill for some time, wasn't I?  

- That's no excuse. 

- I'll improve. 

- I doubt it.

Dialogue 17 

- My bag, please.  

- Which one is it?  

- It's one of those, there.  

- This one?  

- No, not that one.  

- What colour?  

- It's brown? Yes. That's it. Thank you.  

- Not at all.

Dialogue 18 

- So you've passed your exams.  

- It wasn't all that difficult. 

- It's because you worked hard, I think.  

- Well, I was all right in History, but I didn't do so well in Literature.  

- And how about your English?  

- Not so good, only so-so.

Dialogue 19 

- Hello, glad to see you!  

- Hello, so am I. 

- Today's your birthday, isn't it?  

- That's right. It's kind of you to remember.  

- Well, many happy returns of the day. Here's a present for you.  

- Oh, thank you. What beautiful flowers! I don't know how to thank you.

Dialogue 20 

- Is painting your hobby?  

- Why do you think so?  

- Because there're a lot of pictures in this room.  

- It's my elder brother's hobby.  

- I see, but what about you?  

- I prefer books.

Dialogue 21 

- What shall we have for breakfast?  

- What about some bread and butter, two eggs and a cup of tea?  

- Well, I don't mind, but I'd like to add some biscuits. 

- OK.

Dialogue 22 

- Fish? Again?  

- Why, I thought you liked it.  

- I do, of course, but not every day.  

- Well, in that case I'll give you some meat.  

- Thank you. That'll be better.

Dialogue 23 

- Good morning. Glad to see you.

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