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My Naughty Little Affair

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 "There you go." My cousin Eve says while finishing the final touches on my makeup. She made sit here for ages while she pulled, tweaked, puffed, the works everything from hair to clothes. She takes a step back and admires her work.

"You're going to be the hottest thing there," she winks at me, and I just roll my eyes at her, "all the guys at the party are going to be drooling over you tonight." She continues to insist that I look great while turning my chair so I could see my image in the mirror.

I gasp at my appearance, "oh my gosh Eve! Is that really me?! You can't be serious, you just worked a miracle!" She just nodded excitedly, and then did a little curtsy.


Okay lets back track a little because your probably wondering why I'm here in the first place or not but I'm still going to tell you any way. Well it all started with before summer break started when I found out my "boyfriend" (yeah I personally prefer not to even acknowledge the relationship happened.) was just cheating on me with one of my supposedly best friends and was just using me. Honestly though I should have seen it coming all along, why would someone like him fall for someone like me?  He's River University's star football player (the god of the school), and me I'm what's known as a nerd, but I prefer highly intelligent know it all. Ha-ha just kidding, but seriously why should I be labelled because someone's brain capacity is lower than mine or that we're two different people.

Any way now I'm ranting, on with my flash back.

That day it had turned out the student I was tutoring cancelled, and I remember Brian saying something to his friends about a practice today. But when I had made it across campus to the football stadium it was empty. I don't know I think I had thought that maybe they were having a meeting in the locker room and I could just wait for him, or practiced cancelled too, I don't know.

So I made my way to the locker room door to see the schedule thinking there may be a game too and I might be able to make it still. When I had made it to the door I saw the bold letters on the note saying practice was cancelled. I was leaving and was just going to call Brian when I got home, but then I heard a noise coming from inside the locker room.

I remember rushing in panicking thinking someone may be injured. (How stupid I was.)

I had passed the isles of lockers trying to find the source of the noise. When I had finally reached the last isle the noise had gotten louder, then I heard a moan.

"Hello are you oka.... Oh my gosh I am so sorry!"


"What?! Brian! OH MY GOD, how could you?! And Jade too?! How.... Why?"

Jade just smirked at me, "Well since the cats out of the bag I might as well tell you that we've just been using you to help us with our school work, and your good reputation so our parents and the teachers won't be watching over our shoulders every second.

I remember the feeling of numbness washing over me, I turn to Brian, "Is this true?" I whisper.

He just shrugs, "Hey it's not like you were giving it up."

Then I had felt pure rage like I've never felt. My feet had involuntarily moved towards him, my arm pulled back, my fingers curled; my arm swung, and made contact with his face.

Thinking back on it now that was probably one of the greatest moments in my life. Because after I found them together I had felt relief but I still felt sad because he was the first person I cared about. But after punching him I had felt a little better and made my way back home where I had cried until there were no more tears to cry.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteleyas Rosamund
Michael Camilotoas Caelan
kelly knoxas Jade
Chace Crawfordas Cam
Alexis Bledelas Eve

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