My Bully Loves Me


hi my name is Arica. My name is spelled diffrent brcause it is really Erica spelled Arica. I have light blue hair and pink highlight. People call me cotton candy lol. I get bullied by this boy named Jacob. U may no him as Princeton from Mindless Behavior. But me and my friends, and the whole school calls him Jacob. My friends Cam, Asheley, and Honey say he likes to have sex and stuff. But i don't care. I be seeing him do the dirty in the school closet and stuff. But oh well. My friends are Cam, Ashley, Honey ( Honey Cocanie), Erika, Rihanna, and Brihanna. Well Cam is italin mixed with Spanish and black. Her mom is so sweet that she even tough me spanish and italin. But her dad is an ass whole. He be hanging out with other ladies and stuff and his name is Kyle. I just hate because i no the stuff he be doing but he ack so nice to me oh welll. Then there is Cam little sister Bella. She is 1 week old and was born last week on my birhday which is July 15 ( that is my actuall birth day back to the story lol) so we say we all sisters and stuff cause we all look alike which is so werd. And then it is Ashley she is white red hair she be on that stupid shit but yeah. She is so nice and will go black on u any time. She loves Diggy and i will tell yall about him in the story. She come from a rich family too. Her mom is Madonna and her dad is not in her life. Ashley smoke to and her mom does not and i bet she does not care because het mom smokes to. After that it is Honey aka Honey Cocaine. She is fucking adorable. Her mom is Nicki Minaj. HONEY HATES HER DAMN MOM. Honey will even cl Nicki a bitch. But Nicki is not Honeys real mom. Honeys fad is Drake the rapper. He is cute. Erika is my hoe lol just kidding. She is a g. And she can really sing. Arica hair is pink nice and long to. Her mom is Rihanna and her dad is Chris Brown they are rich to. Erika will never forget that night that chris hit rihanna. She hates her dad for doing that. and thats all about Erika. And last but not least there is Rihanna and Brihanna. They are twin and have blue hair. Rihanna has light blue. And Brihanna has dark blue. They are super rich. I kinda forgott her parents were. Oh yeah her parrents are jay z and beoncye. and thats all about them. You will learn about me during the story and yes i am rich too with a bully. And that some shit💩.

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