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I love him with all that I am.

He loves me either more than anybody else.

We conquered a lot of hindrances in life

We’ve been apart for a period of time

Yet we’re still together until now.

Sa panibagong yugto ng buhay namin,

Panibagong mga pagsubok na naman ang aming kahaharapin.

Malalagpasan pa rin kaya namin ang mga panibagong pagsubok na hinahamon sa amin ng mapaglarong tadhana?

Mananatili pa rin kaya kaming matatag sa panahong ito?

He promised me that he will stay by my side, take care of me, and love me to infinity and beyond.

“… I promise, I ain’t gonna leave you anymore. I will love you as well as our baby with all of my heart to infinity and beyond… I promise…”


What if…

Fate plays with us once again.

Should I let him go this time anyway?


Am I still going to stay strong to hold on to his promise?

“Sometimes life is so complicated to keep promises…”

Are we really made for each other or not?


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