Who in the world is he!

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-Roc & Tiara-

Roc:Whatever Tiara.Do you want to go home.?

Tiara:Hell Yea. I wanna do some FREE shopping .

Roc:As you wish..!

                                                     -Get Home-

Tiara:Ayye Fam!!

Myles:Hey Wild One.

Tiara:I'm not wild niggatar...

Taylor:What are you boneheads bout to do.?


Tanasia:Till We Drop.

Taylor:We shouldn't call it shop it should be frop..

Tanasia & Tiara:FROP?

Taylor:Free Shopping, Frop.

                                                                       *Tatyana & Ray enter*


Tatyana:Hey Lovess! Can you tell these boys its Ravens Nation.

Girls:Boys,Its Ravens Nation.!

Boys:Its- (Says Different Things)

Princeton & Prod:Eagles Nation.

Ray:Raiders Nation.

Myles & Roc:Steelers Nation. (They don't really like the sucky steelers)

Tatyana:Did y'all retards just say Steelers Nation.

Myles:I was uhh-

Taylor: *Phone Rings* Baby Girl,You Gon Always get every part of me.. (You Come First)



???:You thought you got away.

Taylor:Is This Jaden,I will chop your balls off and sow them to your forehead.

???:Take it easy sis.Its your brother Montrell.

Taylor:MONNY!! I miss you so much <33


Montrell:Hey Lil Sis..So,You were going to chop Jaden's Balls off..

Taylor:My BOYFRIEND just killed him though.

Prince:Thats Better.

Montrell:Oh Really. *claps hands*

Taylor:Clown.When you coming to see me.

Montrell:Imma talk to Ciara.

Taylor:OhKay!! I LOVE You!!

Montrell:I love you too Tay!

End Of Convo





Prince:Who was that.


Tiara:MY HUSB-


Khiya:Now you know he don't want you,He is married to me.

Myles: Excuse Me.

Khiya:I love you *kisses his cheek*