One Direction Boyxboy One-Shots



"Zayn," Harry calls from upstairs "Can you come upstairs for a second?" I stand up from my spot on the couch, heading towards the stairs.

"Sure babe," I say walking into the bedroom to find him lying their snark naked, his member standing straight up like a flag pole on Independence Day.

"I need you..." He whimpers standing up and coming over to me. He grabs my shirt, gently tugging it over my head. He weeds his arms around my waist, kissing me deeply. "I need you to fuck me."

I throw him backwards into the mattress, climbing ontop of him. Soon we're caught up in a passionate kiss, and I start to grind into him. The tough denim of my jeans rubs against his hard, sensitive cock.

"ZAYN! Quit!" I smile, pulling away and moving down his body, kissing his tattoo on his collarbone, pulling the hair off his snail trail with my teeth. I pull away just enough to see his green eyes half closed in pleasure, the emerald darkened in lust, his chest heaving as he tries to keep calm. I hover my hand an inch over his pulsing cock.

"Beg for it." I say. His eyes widen in shock and confusion.

"What?" He says, his voice husky.

"Beg for me to touch you." He doesn't like this very much and he tries to buck his dick into my hand. I pin his waist down with one arm, successfully keeping him still.

"Zayn! Please! Touch me! Quit with your fucking teasing and jerk me off already!" I grab his tip roughly between my forefinger and thumb, squeezing so i knew he was in pain.

"Nicer, Harold." I hiss. He shakes his head, trying to focus. I smile at what I've done to him.

"Please Zaynie," he stutters out.

"Please, I need you to make me feel good. Oh God, please." I smile, bending down to engulf his cock in my mouth. He cums down my throat in a matter of minutes and I stand up, taking off my jeans and boxers to get ready to fuck him. I lube my self up, lining my tip up with his entrance. He's already semi hard again.

"Talk dirty to me." I tell him, grabbing his legs and pulling them to my shoulders, holding them in a spread v, my tip teasingly at his entrance.

"Zayn, I need you. I need you so deep inside me. Hitting me that one spot only you've known. I need you to slam into me as hard as you can. I need you to fuck me." As soon as he says the last husky words, I slam into him. He cries out in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

The next few hours are filled with our sweat bodies grinding against each other, both of us cumming multiple times. I loved the days like this when we could just spend all day fucking and making love to each other. Harry lays his head on my chest smiling mischievously. He sits up and I see he's hard... Again. He pushed his cum covered cock at my entrance making me get instantly hard.

"Zayn?" Harry whispers, leanin down and nipping my ear.

"Yes?" I moan

"Talk dirty to me...

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Niall Horanas Niall
Harry Stylesas Harry
Louis Tomlinsonas Louis
Liam Payneas Liam
Zayn Malikas Zayn

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