Dirty One Direction Imagines;)

You and your boyfriend Louis like to 'role play' alot. So one day he came back from an interview and calls you into the bedroom where hes lying on your bed in nothing but boxers..

"Come on y/n I have a great idea.. I'll be a teacher and you can be a naughty school girl" he says getting out a ruler.

"You're going to be sore in the morning" he says pulling you on top off him.

"You've been very very naughty haven't you y/n?" Louis says.

"Yes Mr Tomlinson! I think I need to be punished.." You say pouting like a child

"Right then.." he says.

You expect to be spanked but instead you feel his cock slam into you catching you off guard. "LOOOUUU" Screaming his name earning grunts and low moans in response. Louis thrusts in and out of you picking up the pace

"Babe I'm gggoingg to cumm" He stutters out.

"Ssamme" you say. You feel Louis' thrust getting slower and slopier as you both collapse next to each other panting and Louis turns and says "I love you. I think we should do this more often"

"Ahha I love you too!" You say kissing him tenderly on the lips.


Little Mix's new song is amazing! Love it! Thought it was going to be crap cause who names a song DNA but its soooooooo good!


Ellie x

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