Truth or Dare.

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Marie's P.O.V

"Okay mr.weakling." "I am not a weakling." "Are to!" "Not" "are!" "Not!" This went on for about 5 minutes when i said "fine you're not but im still stronger" i winked.

Next thing you know ALL the boys were on top of me tickling me." I was laughing uncontrolablly. So to stop i bit the person closet who was Louis.

"Owie!" He shoutes pulling his hand back. I mouthed sorry he shook his head but laughed.

"What happend Lou?" Asked a concerned Zayn and Harry. "She bit me." Everyone laughed.

"Truth or dare!" Shouted Niall. Liam shook his head "Not with a 15 year old girl." "Technically Liam i turn 16 in 5 hours." "Your birthday is tomorrow?" I nodded.

"Fine we'll play but no funny bussniess you hear me?" Said Liam sternly.

"Yay!" All the boys shouted but liam. I rolled my eyes but laughed.

"Marie you go first." Said louis. I shrugged "Niall truth or dare?" "Uhh truth." "What was it like leaving home all youre friends and family?" "It sucked but everyone knew exactly how much i wanted to sing so they said for me to keep going" i smiled he smiled back. "Hazza truth or dare?" "Dare!" "I dare you to Kiss Marie."

Okay did i hear that correctly? The guy i'm like in love with has to kiss me. "Uhh no." Liam said. I was frozen i think my cheeks started to heat up because i was red as a tomotato.

"She's blushing!" Yelled Zayn. I half smiled but it was soon gone. Next thing you know Harry's lips were coming towards mine. I didnt know what to do so i just kinda grabbed a pilliow and blocked my face.

Liam grabbed Harry by his shirt and said "i told you." "Liam dude its just a dare." Niall tried to convince him.

"No one Is KISSING my 15 year old sister alright?" They all nodded, i still was frozen and didnt know what to do.

Sorry its short i got writer's block :P