Harry Styles Cheated

On your way home from work, you stopped by starbucks to get your favorite drink , an iced coffee and you decided haz might want one since he was home all day , do you picked him up a regular coffee with extra sugar just like he liked it. As you waited for your drinks you saw a newspaper stand and decided to read some news. As you made your way to the stand a fan recongnixed you and asked if you were the one and only ( Y/N) and of course you said yes. After a picture the fan left giggling with her 2 other friends. When you finally got to the newsstand the cashier called you letting you know your coffee was ready. After you got your coffee you headed home to your lovely boyfriend. When you pulled up to the driveway you notice another car was in the driveway so you assumed it was one of the guys, but when you opened the door you saw something no women wants to see.

You: WTF HAZ REALLY , you scream as you walk in on harry and Ericka , your worst enemy from high school practically snogging each others faces off.

Harry: (Y/N) its not what you think babe , harry said trying to chase after you but was too late as you were already pulling off in your car.

You drove to your mums house knowing harry would try to come after you but your mom never really liked haz so she wouldn’t allow him to talk to you . When you arrived at your mums house its like she knew something happened because she was baking cookies. Your favortite cookies (CHOCOLATE CHIP) , your mom noticed you crying hysterically so she ran up to you and hugged you and you two say there for at least 10 minutes. After you finally stopped crying your mom brought you into the kitchen so you two could talk about why you were crying but she already knew haz was the reason. You two talked and you went to sleep to get some rest because you had a long day at work and you came home to find the love of your life cheating on you with someone you hated for forever. 2 days later While you were sleeping you felt your phone vibrating knowing it was haz , you refused to answer but he kept calling. One day While you were in the shower you heard the door open assuming it was your mom so you ignored it. After about 5 mins you started to panic so you hopped out and got dressed. When you walked downstairs you realized you left your phone in the bathroom so you went to get it but when you came out of the bathroom you got a surprise you weren’t expecting , Haz was standing there with your fav flowers and his eyes were bloodshot red like he had been crying non-stop. You felt your heart breaking seeing haz like that despite how bad he hurt you , you ran up to him and just hugged him tight. After about 5 minutes of sitting there hugging him he finally had the breathe to speak and just started apologizing.

Haz: (y/n) im sooooo sorry babe , I swear it was nothing she came over looking for you so I assumed she was a friend and let her in. She hit me above the head with something and snapped a pic of her kissing me and then when I woke up she tried to blackmail me if I didn’t make out with her for 5 mins and that’s when you walked in. I SWEAR IT WAS NOTHING , haz said while starting to cry again. Of course you believed him because you saw truth in his eyes. So you kissed haz with the most passionate kiss you two have ever had. When you broke apart you told haz how much you missed him.

You: Haz I believe and  I missed you so much but next time don’t fall for it , TELL me and don’t doubt whether ill listen or not.

Haz: Okay babe Im sorry and I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH


After that you and haz had been stronger than ever and nothing ever came between you two again.

Hey guys I know this was corny but I haven’t updated in a while so I figured I’d give you guys a little something as an apology before I upload . Enjoy J

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