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My dog is my boyfriend. What?


Hey guys I just wrote this story as a celebration since I've just finished exams. WHOOP WHOOP!! So please tell me what you think through votes, comments, fanning etc. Also, the idea came from my sister whose head is full of really creative stories, and I'm dedicating the story to Unseen because they've helped me out loads on Wattpad and their stories amazing. <3 u! Thankies! Totaleclispe out




The night sky was a dark blue colour; the only light provided for us was the radiant moon and stars.


Adrenaline pumped through my veins and I was surrounded by the excited whispers from the rest of the group.


"Shh!" Callum, my best friend, hushed us. Everyone went silent and trained their eyes on him. I felt self-conscious standing next to him with everyone facing us; although most of them didn't even spare me a glance. Callum didn't even blink. He had always been a good public speaker.


"Okay guys, listen up. Mimi and I are going to break a window into the lab. The alarm's going to go off straight away and alert the guards. They'll turn it off because it's a screamer and makes the animals go nuts, which interferes with their experiments. Then they'll come after us.


"In that short amount of time we need to unlock as many cages as we can and grab as many animals as possible. Got it?"


There was a mumbled reply of yup's and yeah's.


Callum nodded and turned towards me. He smiled and grabbed my arm, leading me towards the Landgrove Animal Experimentation and Research Laboratory- the biggest site for animal cruelty that I know of. I hated the place with all my heart and soul.


Callum handed me a heavy sack filled with rocks and took the other end.


Together we hauled it through the clean glass window. A loud smash filled the air, followed by an ear-piercing alarm which was abruptly cut off after ten seconds.


The other teenage protestors cheered and rushed past me, lead by Callum. Broken glass crunched under-foot and doors slammed open.


The howls of startled animals flooded over me through the open doors. It made me want to cry.


I pulled myself together and frowned determinedly. I had to help them.


I jumped into the building and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. In front of me were four doors, already opened by the other teenagers. I could hear shouts of protest and denial and the occasional gruff voice of a guard. Torchlight swept down the passage and I froze.


My eyes darted from side to side, searching for an escape. I threw myself at the nearest closed door and tugged it open. In my panic I didn't notice the bright yellow sign on the wall next to it. 'Warning. Highly hazardous area. Authorised personal only.'


I quietly shut the door behind me. The dim green glow of computer screens on stand-by greeted me coldly. I couldn't see any animals trapped in tiny cages.


Maybe this was a storage area. Wait, with computers? Probably not.


I curiously walked up to a glass screen that was cutting the room in half. Several computers sat in front of it, all showing the same green screen, except one. The screen on the far right displayed what looked like a heart monitor.


Something moved from behind the glass. I jumped in shock and backed away. Big brown eyes stared back at me sadly. It whimpered slightly and my heart went out to it. I raced forwards and searched desperately for an entrance to the other room. I pushed a stack of neatly stacked books out of the way and found a heavy metal door. I used all my strength to pull down the stiff handle and shoved against it. The door opened with a whooshing noise and a short alarm went off.


I didn't realise I was holding my breath until my lungs started burning once the alarm had stopped. I took a deep breath and concentrated on rescuing the poor animal.


A scruffy looking dog barked at me and growled from its position tied to the other end of the room.


"Don't worry." I cooed, bending over slightly so I wouldn't look threatening. "I won't hurt you, honey."


The dog looked unsure of itself. I took a few more steps forward. He backed away and whimpered again in submission. I walked a bit faster stopped when I was a metre away; still cautious of his teeth.

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