Complicated Mate


You Caused Me Pain.So I'll Do the Same


I walk into my best friends house not knowing what i was about to see.

"hello Desi are you here," i shouted. I was soquieti could hear a penny hit the floor. So i when up stairs to check if maybe she was in her room.

I move up the stairs and to her door. " Desi are you in there," but ididn'there anything so i opened the door worried.

I open it to see my best friend and my boyfriend having naked in each others arms. Still notaware that I had walked in. I hadn't said a word yet do to shock of my boyfriend of three years andbest-friendsince first grade were having sex.

Snap out of it you dummy and do somethingmy inner voice said.

" What the fuck is going on" I said my angry building up with each but I tried t stay as calm as possible. they both jumped apart.

"Its not what it looks like Nelly," my exbest-friendsaid to me. Just hearing her voice through thecalmnessi was trying to maintain out the window. I ran across the room the and slapped her in thatwhorishface of hers. " LISTEN YOU BITCH I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IT IS ITS YOU BEING A BIG ASS WHORE ITS YOU HAVING SEX WITH MY MAN SO FUCK YOU," i turned to Dean that was just sitting there like an idiot" AND FUCK YOU."

"And to think that i just came to say bye. My dad got relocated to we are moving tonight to cali but i see that you two will have fun without me." by the end of my little fuck you speech i had tears in my eyes.

I ran out the room anddidn't stoprunning till I was at my house and just drop on the yard in quiet sobs.

That was the last time i was those backstabbers.


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~~~~~~~~~~~~ thtWERIDgirlkim

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Lyndsy Fonsecaas Janelle
Ashley Greeneas Lexi
Kristen Stewartas Alean
Maggie Qas Jenni
Demi Lovatoas Desi
Ian Somerhalderas Leo
Paul Wesleyas Paul
Kim Bumas Johnny
Chris Brownas Alex
Jesse McCartneyas Dean
Keira Knightleyas Jessica/Jess
Tyler Hoechlinas Jorden
Angelina Jolieas Luna Daves
Simon Bakeras Alpha Daves

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